Results of the Work – 4/30/19

Hey Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I hope your day was blessed and ya felt the presence of God. I had a good day on campus. I got one seed planted with an Indian guy Josh resisting the Gospel. I got in some good encouraging talks with some Christians who were nice a couple of which I had not met before. And Grace prayed with me to receive Jesus.

Grace was sitting in the hallway leading out of the PE building to the Mac Arts outdoor theatre. She was waiting for her workout class to begin and seemed to be a little early. She was dressed in leggings with a tweed print on them and a blue hoodie. All she had with her was a pink purse so it must have been her only class that day. Her shoulder length hair was a bit flyaway she had a full, pretty oval face and full lips. She wanted to skydive but felt a little stereotypical with the response but I said, “They should have a class here, seems like everyone would take it. Be a nice way to meet someone.”  It is a common response. When I asked her what she would say to God to get into heaven if she died and she said, “Because it was my time, I can’t go against what He does.” She seemed to be assuming she would go to Heaven and had said she was spiritual, raised catholic but wasn’t going to Church anymore. She thought the likelihood she would go to Heaven was 100%.  When I asked her what the big thing was that Jesus had done to take away her sins she didn’t seem to remember anything. So I just said, “This is how it works,” and began to explain the atonement to her and the blood of Christ, that cleansed her, and the righteousness of God that could be to her credit. She was really enthusiastic about the Gospel and said affirming things at every point like, “I like that.” I asked her If she would want to be forgiven or thought something else and she said, “I definitely want to be forgiven!” enthusiastically. So I said she could just ask God for His forgiveness in a prayer. I showed her the prayer she could pray silently and unsure of what to do she said, “I read it?” “Yeah, silently in your heart,” I replied. “God will read your thoughts.” So she prayed then to receive Jesus. She said she had a Bible at home she could read. The real problem with giving her one was her purse was not much bigger than a clutch and she already had a hat in there rolled up. She did end up taking 20 Things God Can’t Do after I suggested she could let it stand on end. So I explained life in the Spirit and that everything God was asking her to do He would give her the power to do, living “Inside Out” she just needed to ask and depend on Him. So I wrote her name and the date and “forgiven” on the inside and she liked that and thanked me. I gave her a Bible study showing her some of the ways Jesus claimed to be God by doing what the Old Testament said only God could do and explained that Jesus walking on the water was spoken of in Job as something God did. “Wow,” she said, moved by the prophetic nature of the story. I got up to leave as her class was beginning and I told her I would pray for her through this spring and one year after asking God to bless her each night. “Wow thank you so much this is awesome!” she said with feeling. And I shook her hand and said, “Yeah, I’ll see you in Heaven and left her smiling as I walked away. It was great sharing with her she really took everything to heart.

So thanks for your prayers for the ministry and for evangelism today if you had a chance, God truly blessed.

In Him,