Results of the Work – 5/2/19

Hey Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I hope your day was blessed and ya walked with God. I had a good day on campus though no one came to Christ. I gave a copy of the Student edition of The Case for Christ to Sarah who came from a Catholic life in Mexico. She was an oval faced “all American kid” looking and sounding girl with a stocking cap on her head and a red Stanford sweatshirt on, short. Really nice and she said she liked to read, so I hope the book clicks with her. A black girl Chiquita heard the Gospel after saying she’d be saved by good works then heard the Gospel and said she was a Christian and was trusting in Jesus. So I just said that was great and maybe she’d like to use the booklet sometime to help her share her faith. She had multiple revelatory moments while we talked expressing understanding. She thanked me for a great sermon.  Ashley another black girl had also said she was hoped she’d go to Heaven by some good thing. She was really convicted as she realized she had known the Gospel as I went through it and then realized, it seemed, she had not been trusting in it. She’d said when I asked her why God should let her into Heaven, “Oh my god, wow that is crazy.” then thought for a while and coming up with no reason she should go to Heaven she said, “Because I never judged anyone.” Her class was right across from where we were talking and she rightly said, “I gotta go to class. Can I keep this? [booklet]”  I said, “Sure.” having gone through the prayer with her. Her teacher had her hand on the door knob as she ran in and the door closed so I hope she will receive Jesus. I had a Catholic girl with basically the same kind of experience yesterday too, Theresa.

I’m getting the message out and some good seeds planted if nothing else the past couple days. Sam a guy who had prayed to receive Christ earlier in the year flagged me down in the science building to thank me saying talking with me had really made a huge difference in his life. “No really, I mean it,” he said looking me in the eye. I thanked him sincerely for letting me know and that lifted my heart.

So thanks for your prayers for the ministry and for evangelism today if you had a chance God truly blessed.

In Him,