The work of discipleship comes through relationship. Bob and Ellen walk alongside the students they meet in their ministry, encouraging them to live out the disciplines of their faith. Spiritual growth comes through times of bible study, prayer, fellowship and worship through the power of the Holy Spirit.


College is a pivotal time in life, and Bob and Ellen have opportunities to be a mentor, a friend, a  confidante to students in their ministry. They help students to find ways to reach out and minister to others on their campus, to act out their faith in an environment that is often times hostile to Christianity. Week by week there are chances to speak into the lives of students in their ministry.


“I’ve known Bob for more than two decades now, since first meeting him at a Bible study in his home when I was a teenager.  Throughout those many years, Bob has had a consistent passion for sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ with students.  He has prayerfully sought to engage the many doubts and questions that young people have about God and the Bible.  Together with his wife Ellen, he has poured countless hours into the lives of those who are seeking answers to the ultimate issues of life.  God has uniquely gifted Bob with an engaging personality, a keen intellect, and a big-hearted love for people which has allowed him to develop deep and lasting relationships with hundreds and hundreds of students.  He is a faithful minister of the gospel and I have seen God use him powerfully to call a generation of young people into a relationship with him through his Son, Jesus Christ.”

Jeff Holwerda, Associate Pastor, Christ the King Church

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