Prayer Letter – End of Year 6/3/21

Third Watch Ministries, NFP                                                       Bob & Ellen Bollow

P.O. Box 1283                                                                                         June 3, 2021

Wheaton, IL 60187-1283  

“So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth;

it shall not return to Me void, But it shall accomplish what I please,

And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.” 

Isaiah 55:11 NKJV

Hey Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I hope your week has been blessed walking with the Lord. We had a pretty good semester. Thankfully, God blessed the trip to Florida with 31 people coming to Christ there. I have begun doing some ministry with a motorcycle club I have joined called Take Up Your Cross, as college ministry trailed off. But we have not given up on that and just had the last bible study, week before last. We’ll have students over for fires in the yard through the summer too and try to get a bible study going again next semester. Though the school looks to remain closed to the public and limiting in-person classes for the Fall semester.

I went to a political rally last Sunday at a fairground near here to do some evangelism with the Biker Club, where my nickname is now Ghost (because I am always talking about the Holy Ghost in part. And hey my hair is white now.) Though no one prayed with me to receive Jesus, I had a good day talking with people about salvation in Christ. It was also a religious rally, so most of the people there had knowledge of Christ and the Gospel was presented. But I walked around and went through the Gospel with people standing around or sitting at tables. A young guy, Derrick, who is 17 and is part of the youth group connected to my Biker Club, and Teri, a woman my age, wanted to come along and listen. So they walked with me too.

Of the people I spoke with, 4 could not tell me why they should be let into Heaven. One guy, Kyle, wearing a hat turned backwards over a bandanna as a sweat band, was short of being able to express the Gospel.   He had stick-straight light brown hair coming to his shoulders from behind his ears. He wore a beard that was trimmed short, struggling to be much on his cheeks but full as a mustache and on his chin. He was apprenticing to be a union carpenter. He was what he described as a “digital warrior” doing counter propaganda on the web and in social media. I explained the Gospel to him. He felt like, though he had not prayed a prayer saying as much to God, he had been living in belief of the Gospel as he’d been slowly making his way out of Catholicism, saying he sometimes slipped into it. That was his explanation as to why he said something about doing the right things to get into Heaven when I asked him. He seemed sincere in his faith. He did not have a lot of input from Christians and lived in Joliet, too far to come to the bible study I have been teaching for Take Up Your Cross. But I gave him my contact information and the book Bible Promises for You. He was really excited to get the book, so I offered him The Case for Christianity Answer Booklet a half hour later as we talked. He was excited to get that too, having never heard of Lee Strobel. So I’m hopeful that will encourage and strengthen his faith and I have been praying for him.

Two older Catholics from Czechoslovakia were sitting at a table with a full-size political flag, wearing pro-life hats. Renata had an oval face and looked a bit worn in expression, her hair reddish brown. Vladimir had a grey mustache and sharper short features. They had been here for a few decades and still had a heavy accent. They explained to me that, being Catholics, they confessed to a priest. So I used the analogy I’ve used many times, saying that the priest was God’s agent. They agreed, so I went on to explain that when I bought insurance for my bike, I paid the agent. But if I got in a wreck, the agent did not pay, the insurance company paid. I asked them what it was God had done for them that the priest knew was enough to forgive them so he could say they were forgiven on God’s behalf. They did not know, so I went through the Gospel with them. The husband, Vladimir was receptive saying, “Oh I see that.” And so after I explained the prayer to them, saying it might be something to do later, he took the booklet. His wife, Renata, seemed a little more resistant. But I think she was a bit leery of all the evangelical Christians about her. I had talked with three before coming to their table.

Another guy, Matt, was a little shorter than me, mop of dark brown hair, clean shaven frank face, had a full-size political flag on his shoulder and standing on the edge of things. He said he’d be let into Heaven because of “the righteous life he had been living.” He said his life had turned around and his trajectory had changed. Much like Kyle, the conservative politics he had adopted had come with Christian trappings he also saw as true. Matt was really grateful for my explaining the Gospel to him and gave me a hug, and I think he really understood things probably for the first time. But in showing him a prayer he could pray, he said he thought he had prayed a prayer like it before. I did not press him to pray, as I believed by the time I was done talking to him he was believing the truth. He had joy and took the booklet.

I had a really interesting time talking to a guy who was a former Vice President of the Outlaws. Looked really hard core, tattoos up and down his arms and a jagged scar over his left eye into his scalp on his forehead. He told some striking stories of conversion. One of the ranking guys of Hells Angels, who had come to Christ in prison and whose life was threatened when he got out, having only served 6 years on a 24 year sentence. The Angels falsely assumed he’d gotten time off for being a rat and threatened his life. He now has a ministry in Florida after resolving his differences by going into the HA club house and having it out with the men still in power by threatening their lives. I was told he had once kidnapped a man and pulled out all his teeth (with pliers) but now was walking with Christ. Both the Outlaws and the HA are biker gangs of criminals in Illinois. The man I was talking to had also come to faith in Christ in prison. We told him we would pray for his son, Nicky who is now in prison and in the Outlaws. He is 34 years old and probably never getting out of prison, having been a killer on the outside. Please pray for him.

Derrick thanked me as he left saying he’d learned a lot. Teri had gotten caught up in other conversations and we lost track of her. But we did some good and I’m learning the ropes of rallies and talking with the folks there. There will be more of them as the political season winds into 2022. So I’m hoping to share the Gospel a bit more at biker events and rallies this summer.

So thanks for your prayers for Evangelism and for the ministry if you have gotten a chance. College work is over for the summer, but there is still stuff to do and I will continue to teach the bible study for the Biker Club. May the Lord bless & keep you this summer.

In Him,

Bob & Ellen

Results of the Work – Bike blessing 5/2/21

Hey Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I hope you are enjoying something like a warm spring somewhere. We have had two beautiful days here. I’ve been keeping my feet wet with ministry (if the John the Baptist metaphor works for ya). I might be in a movie playing a father with some COD kids directing and producing. It is short, but hey some chances to bop around with the students. I joined a Christian Motor Cycle ministry and have become the teacher for now for their Bible Study with about 30 people coming Wednesday nights. A bit different than the college Bible study I teach. More difficult actually, but people dig it. The Club also does “Bike Blessings” going to an organized event at one of the local Harley dealers to offer a prayer over anyone who wants it. It is protection for their Bike and more accurately them on it. It was organized by “The Black Sheep” who are a national club and my club “Take Up Your Cross” also attended.

So I went to see what God would do and Shep prayed with me to receive Jesus. Also Dalius (his road name is Dallas. Everyone has one that your club gives you. Mine is “Ghost” because I am always talking about the power of the Holy Spirit to live the Christian life. The White hair probably contributed). Dalius is a Lithuanian “Christian” and was close to faith, understanding the Gospel really for the first time as far as I could tell. He had a short wavy mop of hair with some grey in it and a beard to match. Shep had a couple weeks growth of beard and wore jeans and a sweatshirt that had a couple bachelor stains on it. Otherwise looked like a typical guy. He wore a cap that said “Viet Nam Era” and had served as a Marine just after the war had ended. He was a little gruff and said he liked living alone. By the time I talked to him the crowd thinned out a lot. Some of my friends had gone and his Bike had been blessed, so I began to go through the Gospel with Shep. I asked him if he was walking down the road and got hit by a bus and was dead and stood before God, what he would say to get into Heaven? This was a question Dalius couldn’t answer but Shep popped off with, “I kept the Ten Commandments.” I asked if he had kept them perfectly and he admitted he probably hadn’t. I explained God was Just and needed a perfect payment for sin, in order to live inside him. Then he could be one with Who was Eternal and the Source of Life (thus having eternal life). I said, “Say you were stupid enough to loan your bike to someone and they fell and scratched the crap out of your pipes. So you took it to the dealer and have new pipes put on and your Bike is perfect again, guy pays you and you’re good. When you wreck someone’s stuff you owe them something perfect in return. Everything belongs to God so we owe Him something perfect when we wreck his stuff. But we are not perfect so we cannot pay God to be forgiven. So God becomes a man, Jesus, who lives a perfect life. Then His righteousness becomes our righteousness. He was stuck on the Ten Commandments still so I said, “Say the guy who scratches your pipes all up, instead of buying you new ones, wants to give you some old ones he has in his garage that are also all scratched up just not as badly as what he did to yours. He agreed there was no way he’d accept that. I said when you try to keep the Ten Commandments but do not do it perfectly, it is like you are trying to offer God some scratched up pipes. He saw the point then. I was going through Bibles verses with him all while through the booklet I carried. I said if he wanted to be forgiven, trusting in Jesus as the perfect payment for his sin, there was a prayer he could pray right now and be forgiven trusting in Jesus. I talked him through it and he prayed with me to receive Jesus. He seemed happy. His club was leaving so I gave him a copy of “Bible Promises for You.” He had a New Testament the Black Sheep gave anyone who wanted one. I put his name and “Forgiven” in the front. He took it happily and headed out.

Dalius had taken the same book after I had gone through the Gospel and written down Bible verses, giving him the booklet too. He had become disillusioned with the Lithuanian Orthodox Church he had been attending, saying a couple in our area had closed their doors. He felt like they were only after money. But I encouraged him and he confessed Christ as we left, not having been that clear on how his sins were taken away. He had asked about other religions, saying God was close to everyone. I explained the differences to him and he appreciated that, accepting my points. Good looking guy, biker jacket, was smoking as he rode out and gave him a nod. So I have been praying for them both.

So thanks for your prayers for the ministry and for evangelism. We are still hopeful school will open in summer.

Love in Christ,

Ezekiel 1:21 Whenever those went, these went; and whenever those stood still, these stood still. And whenever those rose from the earth, the wheels rose close beside them; for the spirit of the living beings was in the wheels.

Ezekiel 3:13 And I heard the sound of the wings of the living beings touching one another and the sound of the wheels beside them, even a great rumbling sound.

TWM Prayer Letter March 28, 2021


Third Watch Ministries, NFP                                                 Bob & Ellen Bollow

P.O. Box 1283                                                                          March 28, 2021

Wheaton, IL 60187-1283  

Then there is an “earnest expectation and…hope” that result in “boldness” (Philippians 1:20). Growing confidence in the Lord’s provision and protection undergirds an anticipation for God’s direction and wisdom. Expecting something to happen is the flip side of hope. Experience in kingdom work brings spiritual joy and peace (Romans 15:13). Dr. Henry M. Morris III

Hey Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I hope you have been blessed so far this past winter and “good hope by grace” [2 Thessalonians  2:16] has marked your life. We headed out to Florida to find some groups of people to talk to in an open state. Panama City Beach had changed in terms of the Spring Break crowd. It was dramatically diminished of students, and now is mostly families with kids. Alcohol is now forbidden on the beach. A night club that once held 6000 at a time had closed, along with another large night spot on the beach. Once arriving, what I had thought to be a very reasonable prayer request of 30 people coming to Christ I knew pretty quickly would be closer to a divine intervention. More than a decade before [2009] a conference I was at had 800 kids at it, and they were easily broken up in groups and sent to the beach each day. All found people to talk through the Gospel with. Now in 2021, 800 Christian conference kids would have made the Christians the vast majority of people on the beach in PSB, though we heard Miami was raucous this year. In the end, 31 people prayed with me to receive Christ. I went through the Gospel directly with just over 100 people. Some were onlooker/listeners as a friend did a survey (about a dozen of those) but they interacted and in many cases took booklets. Two who prayed with me were middle-aged African Americans and the rest were student age.

No one was wearing any masks on the beach. By and large, being a younger demographic, these were statistically at no risk of dying from the recent virus. Fortunately, for the immediate calling of our life of ministry, we have not been cut off everywhere in the country from contact evangelism. However, had we a ministry in retirement homes, for now at least this ministry would be on hold, for we could not put others at risk. Though I am told these social environments are opening up. I say all this to say our hearts go out to those who in 2020, and even now, were considered at risk for disease and forced into quarantine. We have a friend whose father is a transplant patient and only last week took his first trip out (to Menards) in over a year. No one could foresee what was going to come, and legally we could not even hang around outside on campus at the doors. Though there is some hope it will open up a bit in summer.

Results of the Work:

I fasted and prayed for part of a day in February, asking God to tell me where I could do evangelism with college students as we approached spring. I realized our campus was not going to open this semester. I had information I got from people associated with the campus and a girl involved in security at the doors taking student’s temperature who comes to our Bible Study. I then felt like God might be telling me to go to Florida. But He did not write it with His finger on my wall (though that would very look cool on my porch.) I was unsure of the trip. I prayed with Ellen that 30 people would come to Christ if we ventured down to Florida and it could be a validation to keep doing ministry and waiting on the Lord. It’s a long trip. And though I had been to Panama City Beach 11 years before doing evangelism with students as I mentioned, I knew it might have changed. Due to the cancellation even this year of spring break, some IL college students are not on campus at all. A group of 5 Christian guys from Arkansas told me on the beach that their school was the only one in the state in that had not “cancelled Spring Break.” By this I imagine they meant all trips associated with travel through the school. In our case, a couple who supports the ministry gave us an unsolicited gift, not knowing about the decision I was trying to make. That helped a lot to bring confirmation. I became convinced God was asking me to get in the car and ride. Ellen was not sure how long she could be distant from work and I wasn’t sure how long to stay. But we thought we’d give it a week and possibly send Ellen home on a plane. Our original digs for a week had a view of a bit of the beach but it was beginning to feel cave-like for Ellen working remotely from our temporary home. Then I helped a lady who looked about 15 years older than me, Donna Sue, with some chairs she was bringing out of the elevator to her vehicle and she offered to pray for me out of the blue. I said sure and she took my hands and blessed me. I thanked her, telling her what I had been doing on the beach. She said she wanted to pray for me again, and did. She used to work in campus ministry.  She then offered, through some conversation, her rental place which had a cancellation the following week. She gave the impression she wanted to bless us and would take whatever we thought we could pay her. She wanted to show Ellen the condo, so we went and got her and long story short we decided to stay four more nights, until mid-week. We stayed those nights at Donna Sue’s place, spending about half of what a much bigger, brighter place like hers would cost. It rained hard Tuesday night and was colder Wednesday morning with everything wet, so the day to leave seemed confirmed. We were able to get back in time for our COD Bible Study.

These are the new believers on the beach. Liam, Jared and Adrianna were close to the kingdom and thought they would pray later.

Elizabeth, Madison, Lexi, Kailey, Cameron, Georgia, Jordon, Larry, Thomas, Julia, Celeste, Marguerite, Caro, Mary, Will, Keyton, Joshua, Wrangler, Evan, Jaylon, Griffin, Anthony, Bryce, Lucus, Landon, Tai, Dacota, Regan, Chris, Joseph (aka John), Jazmin

Thanks for your continued prayers and support as we pursue alternative options for ministry and wait for news on College of DuPage reopening the campus.

In Him,    Bob & Ellen                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

Beach Report – Results of the Work 3/23/21

Hey Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I hope you had a blessed day walking in newness of Life, by the Spirit. I had a good day out on the beach in a much as Jazmin prayed with me to receive Jesus and trust in Him for forgiveness. Though most of the day I spent to professing Christians. A young boy named Kaleb however also said he would thing about praying to receive Jesus.

I went west fist thing today but then came back and headed east thinking I would try the net on the other side of the boat. It was a little chilly as the wind was strong all day and so not as many stayed on the beach as yesterday. I found Jazmin a petite girl with a pretty face, sharp features and brown hair, sitting with her cute friend Khelie who had some high lights in her blondish hair. They were sitting on towels with 1 other girl who got up and left but they both did the survey. Khelie was a Christian. When I asked Jazmin what she would say to God if she died and He asked her why she should be let into Heaven Khelie quickly said she believed. But Jazmin struggled a bit saying, “Because… I wouldn’t try to persuade Him… into what wasn’t to happen.  I did believe in Him in my heart. I would hope I would get in so I could try to do better. She thought she had a 70% chance to get in so I said, “The last part of the survey is what you think about Christianity but I think you will like it because it can help you know you are going to Heaven.” Ask I went through the Gospel she was not sure how God took away her sins (Khelie knew) but after I explained the cleansing blood of Christ to her and His righteousness that could be to our credit she said, “Knowing all you just said now I would change my answer to 90%.” I explained it could be 100% if she would place her trust in Jesus by faith and read the verses to her. She asked if God could forgive anything, and it seemed she had something in mind. So I assured her nothing she had done was more than could be paid for by God dying for her and that He already knew what she had done and probably sent me by to talk to her. “God is not like a bad boyfriend where when you tell him you are sorry he says, ‘Well we’ll see how you do.’ But He loves you and when you tell Him what you have done He says, ‘I knew that would happen and I have a plan to fix it.’” I said whatever she had done that hurt her or was wrong God could use it to help her encourage other people who have the same past.  I asked her if she would want to be forgiven. She said she would so I explained the prayer she could pray to ask God to forgive her. She decided to pray to receive Christ and silently did. I explained walking by the Spirit’s power to her for help in everything. I gave her both books I was carrying, Bible Promises for You explaining that God was her Father and loved her and would keep His promises in the Bible. I wrote her name and mine and “By the Spirit’s Power” inside. She also wanted The Case for Christianity Answer Booklet. I wrote her name and the date and “Forgiven!” in the front. I said I would pray for her for the next year. I also gave both books to Khelie who wanted them once she saw them. “Thanks for talking to us.” Jazmin said and I said she was welcome, “Thanks for talking with me.”

So thanks for your prayers for the ministry on the Beach and evangelism today if you had a chance. This past week and 2 days 31 people prayed with me to receive Jesus. It was worth the trip and we are grateful.

In Him,


Beach Report – Results of the Work 3/22/21

Hey Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I hope your day was blessed today as mine was and the Lord’s Grace was near. I had a great day on the beach in spite of the headache I seemed to have that clouded me up once or twice. 11 people prayed with me to receive Jesus as their savior today, Jaylon, Griffin Anthony, Bryce, Lucus, Landon, Tai, Dacota, Regan, Chris and John.

Jaylon was walking down the sand with three guys who looked like High School athletes. They were carrying a big speaker. They didn’t have time for a survey. Two white guys two black guys. Jaylon who had 5-6 inch braids (a lot of black guys have here) coming out from under an oversized grey ball cap turned backwards. He wore a slight triangular mustache. The biggest guy with them, a very fit black guy said they were too busy to spare the 7 minutes to talk so one of the white guys who had said yes apologized then saying “sorry”. But they agreed to answer the question: “So you are walking down the road and you get hit by a bus, so you’re dead and you stand before God and he says why should I let you into heaven?” One said, “Jesus died for me”. Another agreed saying, “Yeah I got saved,” the big dude said something similar but Jaylon said, “I haven’t been saved.”  So I asked, “You guys got some time for your friend to hear?” They agreed turning the speaker down and Jaylon listened to the Gospel. I asked if he would want to be forgiven for his sins as I finished and he said “Yes.” So I showed him the prayer he could pray explaining it and he silently began to pray to receive Jesus. His nearest friend said as he was praying, “I didn’t know you weren’t saved.” So I put my finger over my lips so he’d know Jaylon was praying. And he got quiet and Jaylon finished and said, “Amen”. I gave him the book, Bible Promises for You, writing his name and mine in the front with “Just Ask” having explained walking by the Spirit’s power. They had a sling bagpack to carry it in. and I told him I would pray for him. And they happily made their way further down the beach.

Griffin was sitting on a woven straw beach mat with a friend who turned out to be a Christian but was up and down on his phone.  He looked like a stereotype of a farm kid, but I don’t know if he was, fair skin and short light hair under a cap. He answered the question, “’Cause, saved, go to church, study the Bible.” He was 100% sure he would go to Heaven so I asked him how God took away his sins with Jesus. He did not know so I began to go through the Gospel with him and finishing I asked, “Well it seems like you hadn’t put all this together before?” He agreed. I said if he wanted to be forgiven trusting in Jesus there was a prayer he could pray and I went through it with him. “I won’t remember that,” he said, he’d been laying flat with his tan Carhartt ball cap tilted against the sun so he could just see under it. I said that he could pray it now and he agreed and I held the booklet while he prayed to receive Jesus. I gave him Bible Promises for You, and wrote his name and “Just Ask” in the front. I gave his friend one too and they were appreciative and I told him I’d pray for him and moved on.

I came across 6 guys from Indiana. Anthony, Bryce, Lucus, Lando, Tai, and Dacota were all sitting together on separate towels, though when I walked up Anthony was initially standing and agreed to do a survey and everyone but the 7th guy took the survey. He was a Christian and showed up a bit into it. I invited him but he declined he just listened and never gave me his name but later said he was the only one there that regularly went to church. Anthony was one of 3 good looking black guys, 2 with some elaborate tattoo work, 3-4 inch braids, Tai had fairer skin but seemed part African American, rings of curls coming down from under a hat and had ink across his chest surrounding a large cross not filed in. Dacota was wearing a t-shirt, braids and a cap on, was a bit shorter when I ran into them later all were tall as me or better. Lando was a thin white guy straight dark hair parted on the side. Lucas had short hair, brush cut and was the wit saying things as we all talked, bit bigger. Bryce was shorter and a bit round, white dude stick straight brown hair.  When I asked them what they would say to God if asked why He should let them into Heaven they each answered. Anthony said “Because I never doubted God”. Bryce said, “I always been believing.” Lucas said, “I treated everyone equal.” Lando said, “I always looked out for others and treated them equally.” Tai said, “I ain’t never let you down.” And Dacota said, “You’ve always been there for me.” Lucas said he had a 25% chance of going to Heaven but everyone else was reasonably sure. Lando and Anthony were 100%, Tai and Dacota were at 80%, Bryce at 90%. I explained the gospel to them. Lando and Lucas said they liked one of the examples and they all tuned in, God was at work. I asked them if they would like to be forgiven for their sins. Each agreed they would. I explained they all got the answer to the question wrong but that if they’d like to be forgiven there was a prayer they could pray and I explained it to them. They all wanted to pray to receive Jesus and they each did as I gave them each a booklet I said lets pray now and everyone bowed their head with me and prayed silently. I explained walking by the Spirit’s power and offered them books. Most took The Case for Christianity Answer Booklet but Dacota and I believe Bryce took a copy of Bible Promises for You. I put their name and mine and “Just Ask” in the front of every book. I told them I would pray for them each day for a year and would see them in Heaven. They were all very grateful. I bumped into them later waiting to get on jet skis and they were all really happy, Tai saying he felt different and Lando saying he felt refreshed. I had a bad headache so I might have dropped the ball when they said I should tell a couple with two small children what I had told them, that they were standing in line with. I had butted in I felt to say hi so I said they should tell them and Lucas said he had it down. So I felt dismissed and said something like, “Great listen to this man then.” And I headed off down the beach.

I bumped into three students, Regan, Chris and John who had to be in the last year of High School. They were from Alabama and told me there were a lot of shootings of people their age they knew near them and they were glad to be gone for a while. Regan said she knew of 4 people who had been shot dead changing it from 3 when Chris talked about a guy they knew of that shot his cousin. They were good looking kids, Regan was a petite, pretty girl with brown long hair and long elaborately painted nails, large hoop earrings and an interesting branch tattoo on the inside of her left forearm. Chris, her boyfriend had straight brown hair. More flat to his head and a sleeve he was working on with a cross in the foreground like a grave marker with two stakes tied together. He had a deer and a woodland scene and said he had just had it touched up and so had to keep it covered after showing me. He had some interesting wide calligraphy on the other forearm. John was wearing a long sleeve t-shirt and had a mop of curly hair to his jaw line and a hat on his head. Slightly larger features than Chris. When I asked them what they would say to God Regan said, “I tried my best, that’s what I would say.” Chris said, “I did my hardest in my personal opinion.” John said, ‘I knew He was real, [though] people always doubted Him.” I asked how likely it was they would get into Heaven, “10% is low, 100% for sure, 50/50 you got a shot,” I said. Regan said, “I hope more than 50%, I hope I got a shot.” Chris said, “I’ve done wrong, haven’t been such a good person. But I’m trying my hardest to be that person in God’s eyes…” “Try to make Him proud.” Regan finished for him and he seemed to agree. Chris said, “70%”.I went through the Gospel with them then explaining everything, His blood and righteousness, that he rose from the dead and God was just and got paid for the sins of their lives. Seeing they could not pay He paid Himself on the cross. They had been to Church before. After asking them if they would want to be forgiven for their sins they all agreed they would and so I explained the prayer to them I handed Chris the booklet I had written in and one then to Regan and John, saying they could pray quietly and each of them prayed to receive Jesus. I offered them books, to John first but he said he was not much of a reader but then I explained the verses in Bible Promises for You and Regan said, “I want that one.” Chris did too. So I write their names and mine in the front with “Just Ask” having explained that everything God was asking them to do God would give them the power to do by His Spirit. I told them I would pray for them each night one of the Prayers of Paul and thanked them for talking with me and said I would probably not see them again but I would see them in Heaven. Regan thanked me John nodded and Chris said, “’Preciate it.”  I went to the end of a stretch of beach for 15 minutes and realized I was shot. I headed back along the water’s edge where I passed them again and waved, then past them a bit I doubled back and asked John if he would want one of the promise books. I said it wasn’t much to read just verses. I realized I had not then doubled back to ask him after the others had wanted one. “I’ll take a book, yeah,” he said so I pulled one out and wrote his name and mine and “Just Ask.” Said good bye to them again and headed off.

So thanks for your prayers for evangelism today. God truly blessed. 30 people have prayed to receive Jesus while I have been here, which is what I had asked for when I left and been asking for while here. So hopefully tomorrow will be a continued blessing, more than I had asked for.

In Him,


Beach Report – Results of the Work 3/18/21


Hey Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I hope you day was blessed with all good things from above. I had a good day on the beach sharing the Gospel, though not as long as yesterday. Two guys Joshua and Wrangler each prayed with me to receive Christ today. It was really windy and it took me a while to get the sand out of my eyes when I got home, my left eye is a bit messed up and tearing as I write this. At first they were hitting me like little pinpricks and when I spoke I got some in my mouth but as I got further from the pier it wasn’t bad. Had a hoodie on as it was a little cold but there wasn’t anything changing the tan lines on most. 18 People have now trusted in Christ with me on the beach since Sunday.

 Joshua was sitting with another black guy on some wooden reclining benches with green cushions. He had 4-5 inch braids pulled back in a headband. He said he’d do a survey but his buddy said he wasn’t interested and walked away. His mannerisms were a bit on the artsy side of the ledger as was his voice. When I asked him what he would say to God if he was hit by a bus, died and stood before him. He said, “The things I needed to learn while I was here I took to know… What I needed I learned. And my sins, I repented of them. He thought he had a 50/50 chance of getting into Heaven saying, “Everyone has a 50% chance.” As I went through the Gospel I asked him what God had done through Jesus to take away his sin and he knew Jesus had given himself as a sacrifice.  I explained Jesus had also earned the righteousness of God that could be to his credit. I went through the rest of the Gospel and asked him if he would want to be forgiven trusting in Jesus so He could live inside him or if he thought something else. “I would want to be forgiven,” he said. I explained then there was a prayer he could pray to be forgiven and walked him through it and asked if he’d like to pray quietly in his heart so only God would hear. He said, “Yes.” He then took the booklet and prayed to receive Christ. I explained living by the Spirit’s power. I said I had a book he might like and gave him a copy of Bible Promises for You. I wrote his name and mine in the front and “Just Ask” having explained everything God was asking him to do He would give him the power to do by the Spirit. I told him I’d pray for him, thanked him for taking with me and he said I was welcome and I headed down the beach.

 I passed a guy using a volley ball to play soccer with a girl under a volley ball net each taking turns kicking the ball past the other. I went down the beach and to the next set of chairs and then could not see anyone as far east as I could see down the beach so I decided to head back towards were I came in, there were not as many on the beach as yesterday. I passed the guy again but the girl who seemed to be his sister had walked off for some stuff. So I walked over to him and asked if he’d like to do a survey on what he thought about God. He said, “I haven’t really decided what I believe about that yet.” So I asked if he’d like to hear about Christianity and he agreed. Wrangler was about 17 I think. He had a mop of brown hair and a long sleeve white shirt on with a Nike logo on right chest, black shorts. When I asked him for 3 words to describe himself she was back on the other side of the net from us and said, “Cocky,” as she walked past. He said “I’m not cocky, I’m confident.” So I wrote that. He thought he had a 70% chance of going to Heaven. He was serious about what we were talking about so I adopted his demeanor. When I asked him what he would say to God to get into Heaven he said, “I’m a good soul. I’m sure I’ve made mistakes, I’ve tried to correct them over my time, things like that.” He listened to the Gospel and knew Jesus had died for our sins having been to church when he was younger with some friends but had fallen out of the habit. I explained everything to him and asked him if he would want to be forgiven for his sins or thought something else. He said he’d want to be forgiven. So I asked, “Do you believe Jesus is God, died for your sins and rose from the dead? Do you think that’s true?” He thought for a moment and came to faith and said, “I do yes.” I said, “Well if you’d like to place your trust in that to be sure you are going to Heaven there is a prayer you can pray and I walked him through it and said if he would like to pray that quietly in his heart God would hear and forgive him. He took the booklet and turn away a bit and I took two steps away from where we’d been standing and he prayed to receive Jesus. I told him he could keep the booklet and talked to him about walking in the Spirit. I gave him Bible Promises for You and The Case for Christianity Answer Booklet. I talked to him about Strobel and said he could look into some of his other stuff. I wrote his name in the front of both with mine and “Just Ask”. I said if there was anything he needed prayer for he could email me and I’d be on it. “I’m trying,” he said. I said that he shouldn’t try in his own strength but ask for God’s power and he’d give it. “Thank you,” he said and I said he was welcome and headed out. He was a great kid. His sister stayed away off a bit as we talked and as I walked past her on the way I out I said, “Thank you.” She smiled meekly and said, “Sure”.

 So thanks for your prayers for the ministry and evangelism today if you had a chance, in spite of the wind and weather God blessed.

In Him,


Beach Report – Results of the Work 3/17/21

Hey Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I hope your day was blessed walking with Him. I had a good day on the beach and Will and Keyton each prayed with me to receive Christ. A girl, Adrianna that looked about 15 and from a Cuban descent said she would pray later after I went through the Gospel with her. She got up to swim with her friend just as a boy Hunter with red hair and freckles sat down and asked what we were talking about. She said we were doing a survey and I asked if he wanted to do it. “You should do it,” she said as she ran toward the water. After hearing the Gospel, Hunter said he might be willing to trust in Christ at some time later, but because his father had abused him and divorced his mom he was having a hard time trusting God right now. He was a sharp kid, very quick. I talked him through it and encouraged him, writing some Bible verses for him. He took the booklet and ran over to where his sister had congregated. I had a very long conversation with Tiffany who had a lot of fears and was worried about who to trust. She was also in high school.  I went through the Gospel with her and she was an Orthodox Christian. I answered Bible and social issue questions for her, one after another (for over 45 minutes I think) and gave her the booklet and the Bible Promises for You book having encouraged her to get into the Scripture more for answers to her questions. I got up to go and she said, “Keep doing this, this was awesome.”

 Will was a good looking black guy with multiple chin length braids coming down from under his white ball cap. He was wearing long brown skinny jeans with fashion torn knees and had a tool pouch on his belt of some kind on his right hip facing away from me. He was sitting flat on the sand and said he’d do a survey. When I asked him what he would say to God to get into Heaven he said, “My heart.” “You got a good heart?” I replied and he nodded. He was 100% sure he was going to Heaven. I began to go through the Gospel with him and asked him how God took away his sin. He wasn’t sure, but then as I turned to the page with the cross on it and talked about how Jesus lived a perfect life for him he said, “Oh Jesus,” remembering the Gospel a bit possibly. I kept explaining How Jesus perfect life was to his credit and the blood of Jesus had cleansed him from sin so God could live inside him. I read 1Corinthians 15:3-6 but must have read it too fast as he stopped me and asked what was that again. I was sure to clearly state the verses in a pace after that letting him take them in reading John 14:6: Romans 5:8; John 1:12 and Ephesians 2:8,9. He decided to pray to receive Christ after thinking about it and deciding he’d been trusting in his goodness and had not put the gospel together completely. I gave him Bible Promises for You and wrote his name and mine and “Just Ask” in the front. I told him I would pray for him each day for the next year. He told me to keep doing what I was doing and something affirming I forget as I was walking away and I thanked him.

 I asked a few more people after talking to Tiffany for so long with no takers. Went through the Gospel with another guy, Darrell, He was a Latino based on his accent, who professed to be a Christian and to have known the Gospel he had not seemed to know. But he took the booklet.

 I was starting to feel the sun and approached some guys, later joined by 3 attractive girls. Keyton was among them at the end of a wooden beach bench said he’d talk with me later if I was coming back but I said I thought I was headed out. He was thin and lanky, showing a Roman Number tattoo on his chest about as thick as a thumb. I asked him if he would answer the one big question. He agreed and I said, “You’re walking down the road and you get hit by a bus. So you’re dead, and you stand before God and He asks “Why should I let you into Heaven. What would you say? He thought for a while and said, “I don’t know.”  I said, “Well do you want to find out I can tell you how to get into Heaven real quick?” He agreed and his 2 male friends were not feeling it so I gave them some grief to make them laugh and they chilled and he listened they showed no interest. He knew John 3:16 and the Gospel began to come back to him a bit. He listened closely and had a cross tattoo and a long inked quote with God in it I did not get the angle to read. As I finished going through the verses and he felt like he was in agreement and would want to have God live inside him and be forgiven. I asked if he had been thinking he was good enough to go to Heaven or had been really trusting in Christ or his good works. I walked him through the prayer and he was reading it aloud a bit as I did. He said he had been trusting in Jesus and then to make his case said he went to a Christian camp and had been to church. So I pointed out that was just good things he had done. The girls had walked up by about 3/4th’s of the way through. I asked if he’d want to pray to be sure he had told God he was trusting in Jesus and he agreed and prayed. I think he took the booklet then and put it with his stuff and I asked if anyone else would like a booklet. Abby a blonde girl asked for one. I told Keyton I would pray for him and he said I should pray for one Chase with a curly mop of hair and a Led Zeppelin shirt on and said I could pray for him. His friend Collin was unresponsive. I showed Abby where the prayer was since she had heard most of what I had to say and she thanked me and I headed out.

 I finished the day in another long half hour philosophical conversation that did not seem to get very far with a 5 by 5 black guy Marko. He had thinning hair on top and a chin beard sprinkled in with gray. He wore a black t-shirt and shorts and had gotten almost as dark as his shirt from the sun. He was sitting on a camp chair with a built in awning on the top shielding the very top of his head. He really enjoyed the talk he said, as I got up to go, saying I obviously had found my purpose, something he wanted to fulfill himself he’d said earlier. But I could not move him off his monism. I did leave him my card. He fired a lot of questions at me but he had landed on: everyone believes what they believe based on things they grew up with where they lived. Having been all over the world he felt that was true everywhere. I said in so many words that if that was true that was the only reason he believed what he believed and was not much of a truth claim. It was enjoyable and I liked him, I hope God changes his mind.

 So thanks for your prayers for the ministry today and evangelism if you had a chance God truly blessed.

 In Him,


Beach Report – Results of the Work 3/16/21

Hey Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I hope your day was blessed today walking with Christ. I had a good day on the beach and 6 people prayed with me to receive Jesus. Thomas, and 5 girls sitting together, Julia, Celeste, Marguerite, Caro and Mary. I went through the Gospel with several others, also encouraging their faith, and gave a book to a guy who was searching.

 Thomas is 16; he looks like a very young bill Maher with less nose. He was soaked and his blondish hair was dripping from the ocean when he and then his friend Joseph each said they would do the survey. Their friend Paxton, also 16, listened in and was a Christian, as was his 12 year old brother Porter who really seemed to be soaking everything in. Joseph turned out to be a Christian. When I asked Thomas why he should get into Heaven he said because he was about, “Being kind to others.” He had a good wit and I had fun talking to them as we stood on the edge of the water. I asked him what God had done to take away his sins and he said he was baptized. After hearing the Gospel he decided he hadn’t been trusting in what Jesus had done for him to be forgiven and decided he wanted to be forgiven trusting in Christ. I offered him the prayer and he prayed it silently and accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior. I explained the Christian life walking in the Spirit  I gave him the book Bible Promises for You and wrote his name and “Just Ask” in the front and also gave him The Case for Christianity Answer Booklet. I gave booklets to all the boys and it was fun to interact with them.  And I told Thomas I would pray for him until this time next year. “365 days?” he asked. “Yep,” I said. And told the other boys I would pray for them too

 Julia, Celeste, Marguerite, Caro and Mary were all sitting on towel in the sun facing one of the larger hotels on the water, with their heads toward some beach recliners with umbrellas about 30 yards from the water. I think they had been kept in town because a friend (Bella) had destroyed the tire on her car and was having a hard time getting a spare. Please pray she can find one or a substitute to get home on. They all were interested in doing a survey and had fun with it, describing the girl next to them in three words, but everyone put in their two cents. Julia had a French braid with blonde high lights and later asked if I would pray for Bella. She had a frank, pretty face.  Celeste was thin, kind of had a business woman look with mirrored sunglasses and straight blond hair. Marguerite looked Italian, long brown hair, looked like she tanned easy, also had sunglasses. Caro (short for Caroline) had light brown hair tucked behind her ears, frank squared attractive face. Mary had the Maryann from Gilligan’s Island look brown shoulder length hair. When I asked them what they would say to God to get into Heaven Julia said “I always had faith through hard times.” Celeste said she’d thought the same as Marguerite who said, “I tried my best to spread His word, did my best to be a good person.” Then Celeste added “I’ve kept Him at the center of my life.”  Caro said, “I don’t deserve it but if He thinks I should…” A couple of the other girls said that wasn’t a good answer at first but she said, “Well, it is up Him.” Mary said, “I know I’m not worthy but I need you.” They all listened to the Gospel as I presented it and liked the word pictures and such. When I finished I asked them to think in their hearts about whether they had been trusting in that Jesus was God, had died for them and rose from the dead, to be forgiven or if they had really hoped they were kind of working for it just trying to be good. I said I knew they probably had heard the story, but asked them to think about if they had placed their trust there or in their own efforts. I talked them through the prayer and then folding each booklet to the opening where the prayer was, I said they could pray it to know they were forgiven. I shut up and each of them prayed to receive Christ and I asked “Did anyone pray? Raise your hand if you prayed.” And they all did. So that was really great. Julia told me about Bella than and we all prayed together for a tire for her and I asked God to do this and show them all that He would provide for them. Mary said she had been sitting in her car last night asking God for a sign to her and she said, “Then you came along today.” She felt that was an answer to her prayer. I explained the Holy Spirit’s power in the booklet on the last page, telling them that the Christian life was “Just Ask” and God would give them the strength to do whatever He was asking them to do. And if they did not want to ask yet, they could just ask God to have someone pray for them. “Just step it back.” I gave them each books; Bible Promises for You and one by one wrote their names in the front and mine and then wrote, “Just Ask”.  “You’re cool Bob,” I think Mary said and they all chimed in and agreed and I thanked them and said, “I don’t know, this is about as cool as you get at my age.” Then they reassured me I was cool and I laughed and said thanks. So I got that going for me. I told them I would see them in Heaven and headed off.

 I’ve been along the front of where we were saying that is pretty tame. Tomorrow I plan to drive down to the more celebrated areas on the beach about 5 or 6 miles down and start from there going one way or the other.

 So thanks for your prayers for the ministry on the Beach this week if you’ve had a chance. God has truly blessed.

 In Him,



Beach Report – Results of the Work 3/15/21

Hey Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I hope your day was blessed and you had joy in serving Jesus in whatever He was asking you to do, even if it was just to live without fear. I had a good day on the beach and Jordon and Larry prayed to receive Jesus.  Liam* was close, and took a booklet to think about. He was a big thick-bearded guy, the “GI Joe with life-like hair” look. Taking a booklet to think was Jared.  He’s a young black guy, half a head shorter than me, with a curly top afro and perfect skin. He looked young, just out of high school. His Christian friend Carmen listened to the tail end of it and I said she’d pray for him and she agreed. I gave him The Case for Christianity Answer Booklet. He was very close, saying initially he wasn’t religious. He’d not understood the Gospel at all. But at the end when I asked, “Do you believe Jesus is God He died for your sins and Rose from the dead? Do you believe that’s true?” He pursed his lips and said, “Yeah.” I said “If you’d want to place your trust in that to be sure you were going to Heaven, there’s a prayer you could pray.” He was going to feel on it a while he said. So I said if he did decide to pray, there was my email and he could let me know he had and I would pray for him over the next year no strings attached. (I bumped into the 4 girls from yesterday when they waved at me and shouted me down and were really nice and happy to see me again. Turns out I got Kailey’s name spelled wrong from yesterday.) 5 people today were Christians who I went through the Gospel with, 2 more were friendly and took booklets to have, Bella, a Jewish girl and her girl friend Finn. I went through the Gospel with 7 guys, 2 doing a survey. Jacob and Mathew who were not interested. Then Liam took a booklet as I said and Justin, Seth, Adam and Blake said they believed already.

Jordon had shoulder length hair, the thin kind, kept in place with a tie around his head. He had an oval face, said he was athletic but had his shirt off and didn’t have any definition. He seemed very laid back.  He was sitting at the end of a group on a towel near a very good-looking black guy K.C. He was cut, and had a well done rose tattoo on his left wrist and Roman numbers inked on his side and turned out to be a believer. They had 4 young women with them that were among the prettiest you’d see on the beach who probably, to the men’s disappointment, did not seem interested in either of them. K.C. was open first and then I asked Jordon if he was interested as I began and he was.  K.C.’s answers showed he knew the Gospel well and was 100% sure he’d go to Heaven. When I asked Jordon what he would say to God to get in he said, “I don’t judge others, the way people judge people.” He seemed to feel that was what God wanted out of him. He thought he had a 70/30% chance of going to Heaven.  He listened closely to the Gospel and the righteousness and blood of Christ to save him.  I asked if he believed Jesus was God, had died for his sins and rose from the dead. He said he did. I asked if he would like to trust in that to be forgiven and have God live inside him to give him strength to live, and he said yes. So I said there was a prayer he could pray and walked him through it and said he could pray it silently. He took the booklet, asking which paragraph it was (I had been about a towel length away when talking, holding the book open). And then he prayed to receive Jesus. I explained a life in the Spirit’s power to him and gave him The Case for Christianity Answer Booklet and also Bible Promises for You, writing his name in the front and “Just Ask.” He was happy for the books. I complimented the girls on being so pretty, which they all enjoyed and I headed off.

Larry was a middle-aged black father keeping his eye on a cute little girl in long, numerous braids, playing near us in the shallow waves. He looked a bit like Redd Foxx. He had a salt and pepper jaw line beard and a fisherman’s hat on, white T-shirt and print bathing suit. A bit shorter than me so I went toward the water to look up at him. I asked him if he would want to do a survey about God and he said he was very positive about God. I began to go into the Gospel with him asking the question, “Say you are walking down the road and get hit by a bus and you stand before God and He says, ‘Why should I let you into Heaven?’ What would you say?” He said he would say he was righteous and tried to do good. He said he had had a brain aneurysm and showed me the scar down the back of his neck, about 6 inches worth.. It had changed his life and he was now serious about God. It seemed he had gone to church before but now was trying to please God. As I went through the Gospel with him he did not know what Jesus had done to take away his sins. I explained that Christianity was like a blood transfusion where God wanted to transfuse his life into you but first had to make you His type by taking away your sins. I explained the Cross and perfect life of Jesus we could not live. I asked if he would want to trust in Jesus and His righteousness to be forgiven, believing He was God, had died for his sins and rose from the dead. Larry said he did, so I said there was a prayer he could pray to know he was forgiven and began to read it through and explain it. Finishing, I explained he could pray it silently. “I just did, as you read it.” “Ok” I said enthusiastically, “Amen?” “Amen,” he replied with a smile. He asked to keep the booklet and I explained a life walking by the Spirit and wrote “Just ask” beneath the last paragraph, saying God would give him the power by the Spirit to do anything he needed to do. Last paragraph is: “Your walk with Christ depends on what you allow Him to do in and through you empowered by the Holy Spirit, not what you do for Him through self effort.”

Thanks for your prayers and help. God blessed the work today.



Beach Report – Results of the Work 3/14/21

Hey Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I hope your day was blessed today walking with the Lord. I had a great day on the beach and 6 people trusted in Christ as their Savior. Elizabeth, Madison, Lexi, Kayley, Cameron and Georgia. I had asked 30 people before someone would talk to me.

Elizabeth was a middle-aged black woman watching two of her grandbabies as I walked up, one in her arms and one at her feet. She said she’d do a survey and put one down, and periodically decided to try to put down the other and I just rolled with it. She had shoulder-length, loose curly hair, and wore black shorts and a top standing beside a stroller in the sand, solidly built. She was kind and said she wanted to see all her family members saved. When I asked her what she would say to God to get into Heaven she said, “I’ve done Your will the best that I could.” But when I asked her how God took away her sin she said, “God did it”, not understanding the specifics of the Gospel. She followed what I had to say to her presenting the gospel and she decided to pray to trust in Jesus for her forgiveness. She did that as two other adults, who seemed to be the parents of the children, said they were going to pack up and go. I explained the Spirit’s power and gave her the book Bible Promises for You.

Madison was down the beach a bit more, sitting alone with a bunch of towels around her that seemed to belong to absent friends. She had natural blonde stick-straight hair and in swimsuit. She looked pretty young, was cute and nice. The boys who eventually came back to their towels were drinking beers; she appeared to be the only girl. They might not have been far out of high school. She seemed a bit hesitant as they returned and then walked back off a bit, so I kept going. She wanted to get married and have kids. When I asked her what she would say to God to get into Heaven she said, “Because I’ve lived my life through Him.” As I went through the Gospel, I asked what the big thing was Jesus had done to take away her sin and she said she didn’t know. So I explained the Gospel to her and offered her the prayer, saying she could pray it silently trusting in Jesus; that He was God, had died for her sins and rose from the dead. I asked if she wanted to pray and said she could pray it silently so no-one would hear and she nodded and said ok and prayed to receive Jesus. I asked her if she wanted a book on answers to questions (Case for Christianity Answer Booklet) or a Bible Promise book, “The second one,” she replied and I gave it to her and showed her the different verses. I told her I would pray for her. Getting up to go, one of the guys, my height with a light brown curly head of hair, holding a metal Bud bottle shook my hand and said, “Appreciate what you are doing out here man.” I thanked him and said, “God bless you man.” As shy as Madison was I did not want to engage him and stomp on anything.

Five girls were laying out on their towels sunning themselves and 2 of them mostly spoke.  Lexi was the most verbal. She and Kayley were gamers to do a survey, Cameron and Georgia said they would just listen along. Lexi had straight dye-blonde hair to my left, with some roots showing. Kayley to my right was larger, not fat at all though tall and dishwater-blonde highlighted hair. Cameron looked Latina. She was sitting beside Lexi with dark curly hair, she was thin. Georgia had light brown hair. They were all cute kids. Lexi said she’d worked at a religious pre-school. When I asked her what she would say to God, Kayley said, “I know I’ve sinned but I could help up here,” kidding a bit, but then agreed with Lexi’s statement. Lexi said, “I’m so sorry for all the sins I’ve made, please forgive me for all the sins I’ve done.” Lexi thought she had a 50/50 chance of going to Heaven and Kayley thought she would go, saying she had seen Jesus and Lexi said she had too. As I went through the Gospel they tuned right in, their friends all listening, with the exception of Gabby at the end of the row who’d had some shocks in life it turned out. When I had finished what Jesus had done, neither being sure what took away their sins, I explained that some people thought their good stuff would fix their bad stuff. Lexi covered her mouth with some elaborately painted nails and nodding said “That’s me.” Kayley said, “Me too”. I asked them if they would like to pray, placing their trust in that Jesus was God, had died for their sins and rose from the dead. Kayley asked, “Right now?” I said, “Yeah no one would hear but God.” She agreed she wanted to pray and Lexi did too. I offered booklets to Cameron and Georgia and they took them both also praying, Georgia getting up and walking apart a bit. Gabby said, “No way.” Each prayed to receive Jesus. Kayley finished first. Lexi took The Case for Christianity Answer Booklet saying, “I’ll take that for Gabby she needs it.” She told me a story about a boulder crushing Gabby’s car when she was a child on a mountain road after asking Gabby if she could tell some of her story and she agreed. The fear of the event made Gabby think God was not caring for her at the age of 11. I gave them all Bible Promises for You and told them I would pray for them the next year. “I gotta give you props going around in the hot sun doing this,” Lexi said. That made me feel good. They thanked me and I headed off. I walked back and asked Gabby if I could pray for her. “You can sir,” she replied formally. I headed out of the sun,  picking up Ellen where she was on the beach praying for me.

So thanks for your prayers for the ministry and for evangelism today if you had a chance. God truly blessed and helped.

In Him,