Results of the Work – 4/29/19

Hey Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I hope you had a good day we are grateful the snow melted here, most of it yesterday, so much for global warming, but hey. I had a good day on campus and got a couple seeds planted and Eddie prayed with me to receive Jesus as his savior. I gave Jack (a guy with red hair and beard and a ball cap, kind of looked like the woodsman type) the student edition of The Case for Christ to read. Rodrigo said he liked the prayer and thought he might pray it later he had a few days growth of brown beard and stick straight hair.

Eddie was standing near the double doors as you walk out the back of the computer center about to go to his class, as I was heading out. So I took one last stab at trying to get someone to a student survey. And he said he would. He was wearing a yellow gold hoodie with a school name on it in big letters, had a day growth of beard and a James Dean hair cut. He stood a little shorter than me as we stood looking out the window leaning on a ledge. He said he’d gone to Catholic school and went to church every week. When I asked him what he would say to God if asked why He should let him into Heaven he said, “That’s tough.” Then thinking a bit he said, “I’d just say I lived my life by His values. I was forthright to my friends and good to my family.” He thought he had a 50/50 chance of going to Heaven when he died. As I went through the Gospel with him he knew Jesus had died to take away his sins and listened to how His blood had cleansed him and the Righteousness of God is to his credit [Romans 5:19]. I asked him if he wanted to be forgiven trusting in the work of Christ or thought something else or wanted to hope he was good enough. “Forgiven with God inside,” he replied. I said that if he wanted to place his trust in that there was prayer he could pray and I walked him through it quickly. And asked if he’d like to pray it so only God could hear and be forgiven. “Yeah,” he replied. And he prayed to receive Jesus. I quickly explained living inside out by the spirit’s power having explained the symbolism in the mass. I gave him a Bible study and 20 Things God Can’t Do writing “By the Spirit’s power” in the front along with his name and the date and “forgiven” showing him the 100 Bible verses in the back. He’d been looking at his watch off and on all through the time I talked with him, though he’d smiled and been engaged. I knew he had to go. So I shook his hand and he said “Thank you,” and I said, “I’ll see you in Heaven,” and he smiled and headed down the hall into the main building and I headed for my Truck.

So thanks for your prayers for the ministry and for evangelism today if you had a chance, God truly blessed.

In Him,