Results of the Work – 4/25/19

Hey Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I hope your day was filled with good things today and you were blessed. Lea and Storm prayed to receive Jesus today, so I had a good day at school.

Lea was sitting on the floor in the hall on the second floor of the BIC. She had a cute angular face, square jaw kind of like Sandra Bullock and shoulder length brown hair. She wore blue leggings like you would run in and a blue and orange Illinois sweatshirt and was built like a runner. I asked her if she’d do a survey and when she said “Sure,” I sat down next to her on the floor. She wanted to be a HUAC tech, unusual for a girl but she said she was mechanical. I said at our house my wife was often better at those things than I. That gave us a connection and we enjoyed talking from there. When I asked her what she would say to God if He asked why should I let you into Heaven she said, “I’ve been faithful my whole life. I’m constantly practicing my faith and I’ve never, like, let that go I guess.” I asked her what the likelihood she would go to Heaven was and she said, “70%, not so sure, everyone sins. So I’d say high but not that high.” I began to go through the Gospel with her asking what the big thing was that Jesus had done to the away her sins. “He died.” She said. And I said, “Right” and began to explain how He had lived a perfect life on our behalf and his blood had cleansed us so he could live inside us and she said, “Right.” following along. Then I explained how His righteousness was to her credit, like extra credit in a class. His righteousness gave her 100% though she was getting a zero. Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to 500 people at one time, everyone saw Him that’s why they believed. Since God had done all this for her she could have this apply to her if she received Jesus, believed he was God had died for her sins and rose from the dead. I asked if she would want to be forgiven or thought something else. “I’d want to be forgiven,” she replied. If you’d like to trust in Jesus to be forgiven there’s a prayer you could pray.” And I talked her through it and said, “I know you knew the story, but you know you grow up in the church and it all fits with you but maybe don’t have a chance to think about it. But if you’d like to be forgiven trusting in Jesus and His goodness instead of hoping you could do enough good things. The problem with doing good things is you are never sure you have done enough.” “Yeah,” she agreed.  So I said that if she wanted to trust in Christ that she could pray, not so I heard her but God would hear and she’d know she was forgiven. “Sure,” she said with conviction. She prayed then to receive Jesus. I explained when she was at Church the wafer was symbolic of his body and wine of his blood and it was to remind us He had died for our sins so we are forgiven. “Oh,” she replied. So when they do that at church I try to remember to say thank you.” “I always do that,” she replied. I gave her a Bible because she did not have her own and showed her the “Where to Turn” section to answer questions and she liked that. I put her name and the date and “forgiven” in the front. I gave her 20 Things God Can’t Do explaining that anything the book said she should do that God would give her the power to do it by His Spirit, she needed only to ask. And I wrote, “By the Spirit’s Power” in the front. She gave me her email and I told her I would pray for her and gave her a Bible Study. Saying Jesus said we should become as a child, meaning we should be dependent. I said as I get older I keep asking Him to change me. “It gets easier,” she said. “Yeah, it does because you are trusting more in God.” I replied. Shaking her hand then getting up to go I said, “God bless you and I’ll keep you in my prayers.” “Thank you,” she said musically with a bright tone. And I headed out.

I came across Storm sitting in the MAC Lounge on the second floor that overlooks gallery space and some seating. He said his parents named him Storm because he almost died at child birth and needed an 800 thousand dollar procedure that left scars, which he showed me. On his right side he has no detectable pulse. There was another scar on his skull I could not see as he had thick curls about the width of my finger about 2 inches long and he also wore a short thin curly beard. He looked biracial, having very fair skin but his language use and tone seemed urban. He had a black oversized sweater with horizontal stripes and Jeans on and we sat at the counter high table and talked over his open text book. I asked him what he would say to God to get into Heaven and he said, “I been helping, trying to help people believe. I’m not a church go-er but I say my prayers at night.” I asked him what the likelihood he would go to Heaven was and he said, “70%, at least 65% I never hurt anybody.” I went through the Gospel with him then and he didn’t seem to know any of the details but he tuned right in and was receptive taking everything in, he was friendly and open. After explaining all I had said to Lea I asked if he’d want to be forgiven trusting in Jesus or if he thought something else and he said, “I would want to be forgiven with God.” So I asked, “Do you believe Jesus is God, He died for your sins and rose from the Dead? Do you think that’s true?” “Yeah,” he said making an affirming face shaking his head a bit. So I said well if you’d want to place your trust in that to be forgiven there’s a prayer you can pray.” And I talked him through the pray to accept Jesus’ forgiveness asking if it was the desire of his heart and he said, “Yeah.” So I said he could pray it silently, not so I would hear but God would hear and know he was forgiven, “Want do it?” “Yeah,” he replied and he prayed to receive Christ, I explained living by the Sprit’s power “Inside Out” and gave him a copy of 20 Things God Can’t Do writing his name and the date and “forgiven” in the front. And I gave him a Bible study on the deity of Christ. I told him, “I’ll pray for you. God bless your life, He preserved it and now He’s going to preserve it forever baby.” I said shaking his hand. “You got eternal life.” “Thank youuuu.” he said enthusiastically. And I smiled and headed out.

So thanks for your prayers for the ministry and for evangelism today if you had a chance, God truly Blessed.