Results of the Work – 4/24/19

Hey Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I hope you day was blessed today. I had a good day sharing the Gospel and Julio prayed with me to receive Christ, his girlfriend Anjelica seemed open so please pray for her too.  I encouraged one Christian Janelle, who’d had no assurance of salvation to trust in the righteousness of Christ, an older Black student. And Dejon a black student with a wide nose and typical teenage skin problems with a worn white hoodie up over his head came near to accepting Christ over some objections to the validity of the Bible, but I erased them. H was a big guy and had to head to class but he took the student edition of The Case for Christ and said he needed to think about it a bit more and warmly thanked me.


Julio was sitting down a hallway leading out of the PE building towards the outdoor theater outside of the MAC arts building. He was not doing much just waiting for his girlfriend’s workout class to get out, as he sat and ate an energy bar and drank a soda and said he’d do a survey. He had a round boyish face looked young with a nice smile (reminded me of Alvin from Alvin and the chipmunks). He went to Catholic Church. When I asked him what he would say to God if he died to get into Heaven he said, “I don’t know really what I would say. He’d see all the actions I have done.” He said concerning the likelihood he would get into Heaven, “100% if it is original sin.” “Because of baptism?” I asked. And he said “Yeah, no one’s perfect. There’s a story where there is a book in front of you [when you die] with all the names of people who get into Heaven, if you have to look to see if you’re in it you’re not doing something right.” “Because you are afraid,” I replied. “Yeah,” he said. I said the last thing was some Bible verses that explain how you get into Heaven and he’d probably like it. I went through the Gospel with Him and asked what the big thing Jesus had done was that had taken away his sin. “The big thing?” he replied. But he could not think of anything. So I began to explain the death of Jesus to pay for his sins and the blood of Jesus Cleansed us from all sin like it is a life force in the world. It cleanses us as we continue to sin and have to repent of it in a fallen world. I explained we did not go to Heaven because we are good but because Jesus is good and we are connected to Him. I pointed out the wafer was symbolic of his body and the wine symbolic of his blood when the mass was done at church. Explaining the imputed righteousness of Christ and how Paul tells us no matter what we might do to think we earn it we have to trust in this by Faith. I asked him if he wanted to be forgiven for his sins, at the end trusting, in what Jesus had done or thought something else. “That one,” he said gesturing toward the circle with God inside you. So I said if he’d want to trust in that there was a prayer he could pray to be forgiven and walking him through it I asked if it was the desire of his heart, “Yeah,” he replied.” I said he could pray it silently so only God could hear asking if he wanted to do it and he nodded yes and took the booklet and prayed to receive Jesus. When he finished I explained living the Christian life “Inside Out” asking God to change him by the Spirit and that everything God was asking him to do He would give him the power to do. He had his own Bible so I gave him 20 things God Can’t Do and wrote “By the Spirit’s power” and his name and the date and “forgiven” in the front. His girl friend Anjelica came out getting her stuff together (he’d been watching it for her) next to the bench we were on. She’d heard a little so I said, “Would you like a book?” and she said sure with a big smile. I checked to see if they were boyfriend and girlfriend. She was a real cute, sort of round face kid with a bit of a pointy chin with long brown shoulder length hair, bright wide eyes and a warm smile. I gave her Bible Promises for You saying they could share and gave her a booklet explaining it was how you get to Heaven since they’d probably like to be there together and they laughed and she agreed taking the booklet. So hopefully she will read it and be able to trust in Christ with his help. Hopefully I’ll be able to bump into them again to find out, if her class is there on Wednesday, please pray for her. They seemed appreciative and headed out.

So thanks for your prayers for the ministry and for evangelism today if you had a chance, God truly blessed.

In Him,