Results of the Work -4/23/19

Hey Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I hope your day was blessed today and things were great. I had a good day on campus. I got one seed planted with an atheist, James who said he had stopped believing because his church told him he needed to witness to all his friends or they would go to Hell and that if he didn’t, he would go to Hell. This seemed unlikely to me but I said if he’d had one bad girlfriend he would not have given up on dating he could have tried a different Church. He did not have much of a response to that; he kind of weakly said he objected to hell. So When I went through the Gospel with him I talked about the justice of God and that seeing he could not pay the price for his sins God paid.  He said “That makes sense,” a couple times. I’m not sure he necessarily could have lead his friends to Christ as it did not seem he really knew the Gospel well. But at least we had an amicable conversation while he played a guy from Croatia on his phone in Chess, which seemed pretty much an auto-pilot enterprise for him. I encouraged 3 Christians in their faith today too and they seem like they enjoyed the talk so that was good.

140 Students have received Christ after hearing the Gospel this year from me so God has truly blessed and we have a couple of them at Bible study and they are great girls.

Thanks for your prayers for the ministry and for Evangelism today if you had a chance, God truly blessed.


In Him,