Results of the Work – 4/29/24

Hey Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I hope ya found your hope in Christ today as you walked with Him.  I talked Christians all day. I went through the Gospel with two of them and Kara needed assurance of salvation and in explaining the righteousness of Jesus she realized it so that was great. It lifted her heart. I gave Bible Studies to Sara (who prayed to receive Jesus last year) and Alma a girl who trusted Christ 2 years ago and their friend sitting with them. Alma was thinking about dating a Muslim and began the discussion with the question of what it meant to be unequally yoked. I explained the concept with Oxen and what a yoke was and said it was a metaphor for being equal with a marriage partner where both believe in Jesus, equal spiritually in the eyes of Christ. She asked if marrying a Muslim would be a sin. I explained it was because the Bible told you not to do it. I asked her if she knew that Muslims according to the Quran can marry 4 women and many have more than one wife. Even here in the US but the extra women are just not legally united them the Muslim man. I said the Quran also says men can beat their wives. She was not aware of these things. I said in some instances Muslim men married to Christian women have left the country with their mutual children leaving the wife behind and there was nothing the mother could do. She was born in Africa so it was a good discussion. She said she would pray about it. I said she need not bother as she already knew the answer from God’s word so He had already told her. Sara said her mom was Muslim and warned Alma against it. I said God forbids things that will not make us happy. You could tell she had a guy in mind. I asked the 3 girls at the table if they knew a guy might lie to them. They all agreed this was true. I asked Alma if she thought I would ever lie to her and she said, “No.” So I left it at that.

So hey discipleship vs Evangelism today. Thanks for your prayers.

In Him,