Results of the Work – 4/22/24

Hey Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I hope your day was blessed doing whatever God asked you to do. I had a good day on campus and Maggie prayed to receive Christ today. Later a defensive lineman named Casey (clean shaven stick straight brown hair parted down the middle, looked a bit like Dan Hampton) said he “would consider it”. He’d gone to a fellowship church a few times at his pervious school so I think God’s working on his heart. Thanks for your prayers please pray these 2 students are both brought closer to him. Maggie’s story is below if you have some time.

Maggie was sitting on the second floor in some couches that overlook the exit doors by the bookstore. She had a cute elf-like face her nose having a little crease in the tip of it, it pointed up a bit. She had blondish hair, the occasional freckle and blue eyes and was wearing a powder blue pullover hoodie with some writing on it. A cross at her neck was dangling out on a chain at the ties of the hood. She wore nylon sweats. She said she had kind of fallen away for a time but had recently returned to going to Church. I asked her something she wanted to do before she died and she said, “Start a family” which is always a sign someone will be (or already is) receptive to the Gospel. I asked her what she would say to God if she died and He asked, “Why should I let you into Heaven?” “Mmm,” she replied, “That’s a tough one.” Then she thought and continued, “I guess I would make the argument I’ve done good.” She said more softly, “It doesn’t really compare to Jesus’ sacrifice.” I think by that she meant He had sacrificed more. She thought she had a 75% chance of going to Heaven. I explained for God to live inside her He had to make her His type. I asked what Jesus had done then to take away the sins of the world and she knew this was why He had died. I explained the atonement then and the cleansing of His blood and the payment for her sins. I said that He earned the righteousness of God, which was to her credit when God adopted her as His child. She could become a “Child of God” by faith placing her faith in the name of Jesus. Finally I finished all I say and asked if she would want to be forgiven for her sins trusting in Jesus or thought something else. “Forgiven,” she said. I said, “I know you knew the story but do you think you had placed your trust in what Jesus had done to be forgiven?” I asked if when she asked for forgiveness for her sins if she thought God would be merciful and forgive her or if she thought, “I know I will be forgiven because Jesus died for me.” She said she hadn’t been trusting in Jesus. “I was just hoping,” she replied.  I said if she wanted to be forgiven there was a prayer she could pray and talked her through it. I said if it was the desire of her heart she could pray it silently and I wouldn’t hear her but God would hear and she’d know she was forgiven. “Wanna do that?” I asked. She smiled shaking her head she did and she took the booklet and prayed to receive Jesus. I began to explain the Christian life to her asking if she had a Bible. “I’ve been meaning to get one,” she replied so I gave her one and wrote her name and the date and “forgiven!” in the front.  I showed her all the study helps in it, the Miracles of Jesus are listed and His parables and there’s a list of questions and answers and 30 days of readings. I told her now trusting in the righteousness of Jesus the likelihood she would go to Heaven was 100%. I gave her Bible Promises for You and The Case for Christ Answer Booklet I also gave her a Bible study on ways Jesus claims to be God. I told her I would pray a Bible verse for her for the next year asking God to bless her. “Thank you, I really appreciate this,” she said. I said she was welcome and now she had the first steps all lined up. She thanked me again and I headed out.

So thanks for your prayers for the ministry and for evangelism today if you had a chance God truly blessed.

In Him,