Results of the Work – 8/29/22

Hey Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I hope your day was blessed with all good things from above. I had a good day on campus and Savannah prayed to receive Jesus as her savior. She was trouble and living with her mother whom she said had a demon. Please pray for her. Her story is in part below if you have the time.

Savannah is African American, a pretty girl with curly wavy thick dark hair down past her shoulders, that coupled with her features would suggest she was biracial. She was sitting in the hallway leading into the cafeteria in one of the sofa chairs against the stairs. She had on black leggings and a white form fitted shirt and was eating yogurt with her mask under her chin. When I asked, “Say you’re walking down the road, and you get hit by a bus so you’re dead and you stand before God and He asks why should I let you into Heaven? What would you say?” She thought and had some “I don’t know” like statements and said something like, “What have you done for me?” God asks.” I tried to narrow it down and ask what she thought would get you into Heaven and she said, “I don’t know, I try to follow Him.” She did not know how likely it was that she’d go to Heaven saying she had sinned but “I try to work on myself.” She was really low key. I went through the Gospel with her and asked if she would want to be forgiven for her sins when I finished. She did want to be forgiven and I walked her through the prayer. She said she needed to talk to someone about her life. I asked what part of her life, saying there were guidance counselors at school. She said they would not believe in God and so could not help. She began to tell me then that her mother had a demon. She said her mother was asking more demons to come to her and threatening Savannah. She was living with her mother and sister and needed to get out. She said she’d just began a job and so thought it would be a while. She said she had met a man who turned out to be a Warlock and he had claimed to put a “love spell” on her. She said she also was told things about other people she did not know when she first met them sometimes, in her mind. It seemed like she was oppressed demonically from all she said, so I returned to the Gospel. I said she could pray for the thoughts of Satan to be removed from her. She said she tried that but it did not work. I explained that until she trusted in Jesus to forgive her and His blood to cleanse her so the Holy Spirit could live inside her she would not be successful at battling those forces. I explained Christianity being inside out, not outside in, that God could forgive her and then that God was greater than Satan and she could resist. I said she needed to trust in Jesus and pray to be forgiven for her sins. I reminded her that she was trusting in her own effort to be good enough. I said she needed the Spirit’s power on the inside to pray against these forces. She decided to pray to receive Jesus and did. I encouraged her to rebuke the evil forces she sometimes felt and claim that Jesus blood had cleansed her and forgiven her and I gave her a Bible Promise Book, writing her name and the date on the inside and “Forgiven, forgiven by the Blood of Jesus!” on the inside. She said she did not know how to pray. So I gave her Max Lucado’s Pocket Prayers book saying she could read the verses and pray the prayers in it and she happily took the book. I gave her my contact information and encouraged her to text me. She offered me her number and I said if she texted me first I would text her back. She could simply text and ask me to pray for whatever was troubling her. I said I would pray for her each day until a year from next spring. Her mom texted her then to pick her up. So I prayed with her asking God to protect her and keep her from the evil forces that had seemed to attach themselves to her. So hopefully she will text me and I can pray more knowingly. It is the limits of contact evangelism at school, that I have to wait on students to contact me when they are around. They don’t live on campus. Please pray for Savannah.

So thanks for your prayers for the ministry and for evangelism today. God blessed to bring one person to ask for forgiveness.

In Him,