Results of the Work – 8/25/22

Hey Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I hope your day was blessed with all good things from above. I had a good day on campus and Kyra and Ethan each prayed to receive Jesus today. Mario said he would pray later; Kind of surprisingly I went through the Gospel with 8 people all together since there is a lot of remote learning options again this year and not that many students on campus.  Thanks for your prayers. Kyra’s and Ethan’s stories are below if you have the time. I have a funeral to go to in the morning tomorrow. A friend died on his motorcycle so I will not be on campus tomorrow.

I bumped into Ethan at the counter in the cafeteria. He had short straight brown hair, tight to his head, kind of like a painted on cap. He wore rectangular large-frame glasses, had on athletic shorts that were mostly black with a wide white stripe on the hip and a blue t-shirt. He was smallish in build.  He didn’t want to be a part of a Bible study saying he was part of the “Tech Club” at his church connected to the college group there. So I asked him if he’d like to hear the one big question and try it out on his friends. He kind of begrudgingly said ok. I asked him what he would say to God if he died and God asked him why he should let him into Heaven. He didn’t answer with the Gospel but said something about how it was up to God, so I asked him why God would decide one way or the other and he said, He forgives you and I asked him why God forgives us and he was stuck. I said that God wanted to live inside him with His Holy Spirit and if he was one with the Spirit of God, God is eternal and the source of life so he would have eternal life. He is just. “You sound like my Grandma,” he replied and I suggested she might have something to do with why I was talking to him. I asked if I could show him some verses about how it all works and he said, “Ok”. I went through the Gospel with him. He knew when I asked him what Jesus had done to take away his sins so God could live inside him. He remembered then that Jesus had died, but after I finished going through everything I asked if he would want to be forgiven trusting in Jesus. He said he would so I asked if he had ever asked God to forgive him based on what Jesus had done on the cross. “No I haven’t,” he said.  I said that if he’d like there was a prayer he could pray where he would receive God’s forgiveness trusting in Jesus. I talked him through the prayer and asked if he would like to pray it silently in his heart right now. “I wouldn’t hear you but God would hear and then you’d know you were forgiven.” “OK” he replied and he took the booklet and prayed to receive Christ. I explained living by the Spirit’s power to him then to live the Christian life.  I offered him a Bible Promise book but he said his Grandma had given him a book just like it and it seemed he was active at Church so I said I would keep him in my prayers. I thanked him for letting me butt in and grab some of his time and he said, “Ok.” And I headed off.

I had been at school about as long as I planned and it was getting late into the afternoon so I headed out as there were few people around. I passed a girl with purple hair sitting in the last lounge I go past headed towards the computer center. And kept walking but felt a tug and went back over to her and the girl sitting next to her and asked them if they’d like to do a student survey about God. Kyra was sitting next to her friend with the purple hair and said she’d like to do it.  She wore glasses and was a Latina, had an oval face and long brown straight hair, a black t-shirt on with jeans. The purple hair girl said she wasn’t religious at all and was throwing the negative vibe Kyra’s way but she was curious at first saying she’d like to do it but then hemmed and hawed. I said it was cool no worries but would she just like to answer one big question. She said “yes”. I asked what she would say to God to get into Heaven if she’d died after being hit by a bus. “I don’t know I’ve tried.  I’m trying to be a good person.” I said that Christianity teaches that God wants to live inside you but first He has to make you his type by taking away your sin. So I began to go through the Gospel with her kneeling then at the table extension on the chair she was at and going through some verses. I explained how Jesus had died shedding his blood for her and that that was symbolic in the mass. The wafer was Jesus body broken on the cross and the wine was symbolic of His blood that cleansed her of all her sin. “Why didn’t they ever explain that at church? I never knew what that was about.” I said I had come across people who had the same complaint. As I finished going through the Gospel I asked her if she would like to be forgiven for her sins and she said, “Yes.” So I explained there was a prayer she could pray and talked her through it and then said she could pray it silently so only God would hear. “Wanna do it?” I asked. “The prayer?” she asked. “Yeah I said you can pretend I’m not here and no one else is here.”  She agreed and prayed to receive Jesus. I explained living by the Spirit’s power and then asked her if she would like a book with Bible verses in it. “I won’t read it,” she replied. Then saying her teachers had given her books at church but she hadn’t read them. So I made sure I wrote her name down getting the spelling from her saying I would pray for her and if I saw her at school I’d give her a wave. I thanked the purple-haired girl saying I was sorry to interrupt and she cheerfully excused me with a “Oh that’s ok.” And I headed out.

So thanks for your prayers for the ministry and for evangelism today if you had a chance. God truly blessed.

In Him,