Results of the Work – 5/13/22, end of the semester

Hey Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I hope you’ve had a blessed weekend. I got a little side tracked but I had a good last day on campus Friday. I went through the Gospel with Chris while we stood in the hallway. He had given me a kind greeting after being dismissive earlier in the year, about 3 weeks ago. I was just friendly and since he had been pretty solid he did not want to hear anything, I was just friendly back. But I thought if I saw him again and he was friendly I’d ask him about his faith. I did and he said recently he had been moving closer to God. So I went through the Gospel with him since he said he only had a minute. He said he’d want to be forgiven, so I asked if he believed Jesus was God, had died for his sins and rose from the Dead. “Do you think that’s a true story?” He thought for a second and said he thought it was. I showed him the prayer than quickly walking him through it asking if he had prayed that kind of thing telling God he would want to be forgiven trusting in Jesus. He said something about how he’d been moving in that direction and so I said maybe this was a prayer he could pray later and quickly explained living inside out. I gave him the book Bible Promises for You. “Praise God,” he said like he was quoting someone. And I said maybe I’d see him next semester and he hurried off down the hall. I think will trust in the Lord.

I bumped into Nancy, who had prayed earlier in the semester to receive the Lord and thanked me again for the books. She said she’d been reading them and told me she really appreciated it. Talked to and helped out a Muslim friend with a class that had screwed him over and a special needs guy who needed $3 for a bag of chips. So a few last blessings. One of the former students who transferred to SIU is coming over for dinner tonight. So we’ll do some ministry this summer when it pops up: with students and with the Biker Club where I am a Minister.

Thanks so much for your help and prayers this year!

In Him,