Results of the Work – 3/17/22

Hey Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I hope you’ve had a good week in the Lord. Mine on campus has been the most uneventful of the year so far. Yesterday I think I got something of a seed planted with Amit a big dude with a beard who had been to teen challenge and still not come to Christ, thought he’d end up in purgatory. Today I had a good time talking with Caroline a dishwater-blonde girl with Hazel eyes who looked 16, cute kid. Her parents had divorced leaving her mom alone practicing Christianity. I gave her The Case for Christianity Answer Booklet. She thanked me. Seemed close, but sorrowful. Chris, a girl waiting for a ride got a light speed gospel presentation, in the entrance way by the book store, and a booklet. Round glasses and the longest braids on any Black girl I have talked to all year. She was interested and said she’d look through the booklet. Danny looked Latino, wanted to travel, had an older brother reading every religious text and a mom who both meditated and went to church. He was not sure what to believe. He took The Case for Christianity Answer Booklet.

So maybe in Heaven I will find out if those seeds came up. I have one day left tomorrow we’ll see what God will do.

Thanks for your help in prayer.


In Him,