Results of the Work – 3/15/22

Hey Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I hope your day was blessed and you got out in some sunshine. I had a good day on campus. We had a couple girls for Bible study and they stayed a long time asking questions. Kai prayed with me to receive Jesus. Please pray she grows in her faith. Her story is below if you have time.

I felt a nudge to go up to the third floor of the BIC when I first got to school. I had circled the entire floor and finally found Kai (pronounced Ki with a long i) sitting on a sofa in the lounge right before the building ends to the west. Kai is black, had long black straight hair and a pierced nose on the right. She wore camo pants and a black zip up hoodie under a black puffy coat. She had a cute face with soft features. When I asked her what she would say to God if she died and He asked, “Why should I let you into Heaven?” She said, “I don’t know,” then thinking about it more she said, “I feel like God forgives everyone. I don’t think I’ve been a terrible person. I didn’t do very bad things [to sin], just little things.” She thought she had a 98% chance of going to Heaven. She said she hadn’t been to church since she was a kid because her mom stopped going though her Grandma still went. She did not seem to remember Jesus had died to take away our sins, guessing “Repentance?” when I asked how He did it. I began to go through the Gospel with her and I explained Jesus had died being the perfect payment for her sins because we could not pay God back perfectly for all the imperfect things we had done to damage His world. “So God became a man Jesus and He pays Himself.” I said explaining the Blood of Jesus. “So God is His own Boss,” she replied. I agreed. I finished explaining Jesus had earned the righteousness of God and could give it to us and God adopts us and gives us the blessings of his family: the sacrifice for our sins, the Blood that cleanses us, and the Righteousness of God that surrounds us.” “Wow that’s a lot,” she replied meaning a lot to take in information wise. “Did ya get it?” I asked and she agreed she had. So I did the cliff notes on what I had said in a few lines and said she could connect with all God had done and go to Heaven by faith in Jesus. I explained she had to have the right kind of faith trusting in what He had done for her. I asked if she wanted to trust in what Jesus had done for her “to be forgiven or thought something else?” She said, “I want to go to Heaven.” So I said there was a prayer she could pray and explained it asking if it was the desire of her heart. She nodded and said “Yes.” I said she could pray it then silently and only God would hear and she’d know she was going to Heaven trusting in Him, “wanna do it?” “Yeah,” she said. She took the booklet and said, “Can I keep this?” I said, “Sure.” “This is a good little booklet,“ she replied and prayed to receive Jesus”. I explained the Christian life was “Inside Out” asking God for transformation inside her so she would become a better person who did good things. I gave her Bible Promises for You writing her name and the date and “forgiven!” on the inside. “Perfect,” she said taking the book. I gave her a Bible study on ways Jesus claims to be God and The Case for Christianity Answer Booklet and wrote her name and the date and “forgiven!” again in it. I told her I would pray for her for a year from this spring. I got up to go and she thanked me and I said for sure she was welcome. “Have a good day,” she said cheerfully. “Ok I will. God bless you,” I replied and she said, “God bless you too.”

So thanks for your prayers for the ministry and for evangelism today if you had a chance. God truly blessed.

In Him,