Results of the Work – 3/10/22

Hey Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I hope you had a great day walking with the Lord in the light of His word that guides us. I had a good day on campus and Denise prayed with me to receive Jesus. Please pray she grows in her faith. I got a good seed planted with Eddie too (Tall thin guy with a shaggy mane of dark brown hair) who listened thoughtfully to the Gospel and though his father had not followed his faith after coming here from Honduras and his mom was an atheist. He took The Case for Christianity Answer Booklet.

 Denise was sitting in a lounge with vending machines that backs up to some sky lights over a hallway with offices on the 1st floor of the BIC. She wore red shiny sweats fixed at the ankle and a hoodie. Her dark hair was tied and up behind her head. She had the random freckle that my mom used to call beauty marks. She was petite and very pretty small face long eyelashes brought into points. I asked her if she wanted to do a survey for a Bible Study group and she said, “I already go to a Bible Study group.” So I asked her, “Want to answer the big metaphysical question and bring it home to your mom?” “OK,” she replied so I asked her what she would say to God if she was killed by a bus and God asked, “Why should I let you into Heaven?” “I really don’t know what I would say,” she said after thinking a moment. “Well would you like to hear some Bible verses that explain the answer to the question from the Bible or aren’t ya interested?” “Sure,” she said.  I got her name and took out the booklet and began to explain that God loved her and wanted to live inside her but he could not because of sin. She did not know how God took away her sins when I asked her. I said God took away her sin when Jesus died and the righteousness of Jesus was now her righteousness. I said this was all hers by faith. When I asked her if she would want to be forgiven for her sins trusting in what Jesus had done, saying He would live inside her she began shaking her head Yes and then I asked again just finishing the sentence I say and she said, “100%” So I walked her through the prayer and she said, “Yes,” when I asked if this was the desire of her heart. I gave her the booklet saying she could pray silently.  She took the booklet and asked “Can I keep this?” I said, “Yes”. Then she prayed to receive Jesus. I explained living “inside out” by the Spirit’s power. I gave her the book Bible Promises for You writing her name and the date and “forgiven!” on the inside. I gave her a Bible study on the Deity of Jesus. I asked her then about her Bible Study, if she was going to a group Bible Study or met with someone. She said she met with a couple people. Based on that I knew the group she was involved with was kind of a legalistic cult that tries to control your life and preys on college kids. She said she was going to visit their church on Saturday explaining that they did not meet on Sunday and telling me Sunday was not the Sabbath. I said I knew that the Bible did not change the Sabbath day to Sunday anywhere in the NT and Church history made a mistake claiming Sunday was a Sabbath day, so they were right about that much. But I said the word Sabbath really just means rest, and in Hebrews 4 Jesus is our rest because every day we rest our hearts on Him. The Bible also says you are the temple of the Holy Spirit. “The Spirit lives inside you because you just asked Him to,” I explained. “So if you are resting in Jesus and He lives inside you, everyday is the Sabbath for a Christian. So it doesn’t really matter what day you go to Church.” She liked that definition. I said I doubted the community Church where she regularly went in Plainfield would tell her they believed Sunday was the Sabbath day. But even if they called it that they could be forgiven for the mistake. I asked her if they said they were also keeping the Sabbath on Saturday. She agreed they had said that. I asked her if she knew how a car engine worked she said she did but I quickly explained that compressed gas exploded and made the cylinders go up and down. “So when you start your car you use a machine to start a fire.” I explained that one of the most basic Sabbath laws was that you should not start a fire on the Sabbath. So they break the Sabbath if they drive a car to church. She thought that was cleaver. I asked her if she had an electric start on her stove that clicked when she turned it on. She grinned seeing my point and said she did. I said her stove was also a way you started a fire. I said the group she was in had not bothered to even think about how they would keep the Sabbath laws from the Old Testament in our times, because you can’t. I said they were just trying to find little ways they were right and everyone else was wrong and I warned her saying, “I’m not telling you to dump all this stuff on them but I’m just warning you that some of these groups want to try to control your life.” She was grateful for the advice. I also gave her The Case for Christianity Answer Booklet then explaining Strobel’s story and told  her she could find YouTube stuff he had done as well. She thanked me and I headed out, telling her I would be praying for her.

So thanks for your prayers for the ministry and for evangelism today if you had a chance God truly blessed.

In Him,