Results of the Work – 3/15/2020

Hey Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I hope your weekend has been blessed walking with the Lord. I got a little busy and forget to write what happened on Friday the 13th.  Jonathan and Liam each prayed with me to receive Jesus Friday which turned out to be the last day of regular school for a while. I’ll go check it out Monday but with students only coming in for Labs no one is likely to be stuck there waiting for their next class. So it will probably be a ghost town like it is during exams and was on Friday for the most part.

Jonathan was sitting at table in the cafeteria. He had a lunch bag wore rectangular glasses he looked over the top of at me occasionally through. He had brown hair in a mop. Looked to be 19 but I later found out he was 24. He had on tan jeans and a dark t-shirt. His face looked like an average college kid, he had normal speech. He was in a 2 year program at school that is for developmental disabilities students but he was obviously at high functionality in the spectrum. Had a small build not very tall and went to the Bible Church in the next town over. When I asked him what he would say to God if he died and was asked “Why should I let you into Heaven he said, “I would say, ‘I’m one of your sons. I always prayed and I always come to Church.’” I went through the Gospel with him and he knew Jesus had died to take away the sins of the world. He was attentive all the way through. I asked if he would want to be forgiven he did. Then asking if he’d been trusting in Jesus or thought something else he wasn’t sure. I asked if when he asked for forgiveness if he’d trusted Jesus died for him and would be forgiven he said, “I know God is good. When you have an operation… well I had 4 of my wisdom teeth taken out. So I prayed to God that He would protect me.” So I asked if he would now like to trust in God to forgive him because of what Jesus had done for him on the cross there was a prayer he could pray. I talked him through it and asked if it was the desire of his heart. “Yep.” he replied. I said he could pray it silently and only God would hear and he nodded and took the booklet and prayed to receive Jesus.  I gave him the book Bible Promises for You and a Bible study on the Deity of Christ. We talked some more for a while about trusting in Jesus by His Holy Spirit and chatted in general and I headed out.

Liam must have been one of the last people in the school which was as I’ve said nearly empty all day. He went to the same church as Jonathan but it had “been a while”. He was a regular degree student sitting in the far southeast lounge on the second floor of the BIC.  He wore a hockey cap, a winter vest and jeans. He had a smattering of beard that hadn’t been shaved for a couple days and a round shaped face and square chin. Looked young.  “Honestly in my opinion it would be a decision up for God [sic]. It would be insensitive and selfish to say I did all these good things. If you think you did then God should really know. He’s always watching over you so…” When I asked him the likelihood he would go to Heaven he said, “70% you know, a C.” As if giving himself a letter grade.  He knew Jesus had died for our sins too and still listened attentively to the Gospel and my stories and explanations of the blood of Christ cleansing him and the Righteousness of Christ that was to his credit leaning forward to look at the booklet I held out. When I asked him if he would want to be forgiven with God inside him or thought something else he said. “Be forgiven.” So I offered him the prayer asking if reflected the desire of his heart. “Yeah it did,” he said after a second of thought.  I said he could pray it silently, “Not that I would hear you but God would hear and you’d be forgiven. Wanna do it?” “Yeah sure,” he replied. And he checked again anyway after looking at it saying, “Out loud?” “No it’s not my business it’s between you and God.” “OK,” he replied and smiled and prayed to receive Jesus.  I gave him 20 things God Can’t Do writing his name and the date and “forgiven” in the front and “Just Ask”. I had explained that the Christian life was, “…asking His help in everything so really the Christian life is Just Ask.”  He asked about the Bible study and I said we were gonna move it to be in our house in Wheaton since they were closing the school and he took my card with my contact info to get directions thinking he might come. I got up to go and he thanked me and I said I’d see him in Heaven and headed out through the empty halls.

So thanks for your prayers for the Ministry and for evangelism today if you had a chance. God truly blessed.

In Him,