Results of the Work – 5/10/19 last day of the semester

Hey Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I hope your weekend has been blessed and you are living in the presence of the Lord. I had a good last day on campus I had some conversations with students I know and Christian prayed with me to receive Jesus.

When I first got to school I felt prompted to go to the cafeteria after praying God would lead me to someone. I found Christian was sitting at a table by himself having eaten his chik-fil-a fries his sandwich was still wrapped up but it was probably cold when we finished as he took it out and took one bite and forgot about it once he began listening to the Gospel. He had a hoodie on with “Chicago” across the chest, dark blue and a ball cap of the same color with some kind of white logo on it. He had an oval face, dark brown hair and wore black rimmed glasses, just a regular looking guy you’d lose in a crowd pretty quick, like a secret service agent. When I asked him what he would say to God if he asked why He should let him into Heaven he said, “I never did anything that shouldn’t allow me to go to Heaven. I did everything right, I go to church every Sunday. I did my job as Catholic person.” He thought he had a 95% chance of going to Heaven. I began to go through the Gospel with him and he really did not know any of it. I asked him what Jesus had done to take away his sins and he said he didn’t know even after thinking a moment. As I talked with him he was accepting everything I said but it didn’t seem like acknowledgement but learning. So I explained that Jesus lived the perfect life he could not live and died in his place for his sins. His blood cleansed him and now God could live inside and give him strength to live the Christian life. I told him he would not go to Heaven because he was good but because Jesus was good. He’d be wrapped in a robe of God’s righteousness [Isaiah 61:10] and clothed with Jesus [Romans 13:14]. And HE had risen from the dead and 500 people had seen Him all at one time. “So how do you hook up with all that God did for you?  You believe it or receive Jesus by faith.” I said and asked him, “Would you want to be forgiven with God inside or do you think something else?” “Be forgiven with God inside,” he replied. I suggested then that he probably hadn’t had a chance to put this all together before but he could pray a prayer and receive God’s forgiveness and I talked him through it and asked if it was the desire of his heart and he said, “Yeah.” So I said he could pray it so only God would hear and asked if he’d like to and he said “Yeah.” And I gave him the booklet and he prayed to receive Christ. So that was great. I explained the likelihood of his going to Heaven was 100 percent since he was not trusting in the righteousness of Jesus to be his righteousness. I explained when he took the mass the wafer was symbolic of Jesus body and the wine of his blood and when he took it, it was commemorating that Jesus had died for his sins so He was forgiven, “So when you take it just say, ‘Thank You’.” I explained the Christian life living “inside out” by the Spirit’s power and gave him a copy of 20 Things God Can’t Do and wrote his name and the date and “forgiven” in the front, along with “Just ask” and “By the Spirit’s power”. I gave him a Bible Study on the deity of Christ. He was happy and I apologized for it taking so long and he said, “No that’s fine.” I got up to go and said, “Have a good one.” “Yeah you too,” He replied. “I’ll see ya in Heaven” and he shook my hand with a grin and said, “Yeah you too.”

So thanks for your prayers for the ministry and for evangelism today if you had a chance God truly blessed right up to the last day of the year.

In Him,