Results of the Work — February 15

Hey Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


I had a good day today sharing and Senovio prayed to receive Christ as his Savior. He is Roman Catholic and said he goes to Church every day. He wants to be a Professional Soccer player and works out constantly. He did not think about Jesus as his Savior. He thought he would go to heaven because he kept the Ten Commandments. I explained that this was great and pleased God and he should want to please God but his good works would not take away his sins or get God to love him more. When I had gone through the gospel with him and asked him if when he asked God to forgive him for his sins if he thought of what Jesus had done for him on the cross to forgive him he thought for a moment and he said, “I had never thought of that before”. So I said if you wish for God to forgive your sins based on what Jesus has done all you have to is ask Him and accept His forgiveness telling him you are grateful for His death for you on the cross to forgive your sins. I showed him the prayer explaining this and he prayed while I sat on the floor at his feet. I gave him More Than a Carpenter and a Bible study and talked to Him about how God might Glorify Himself through his efforts and how he should seek to depend upon the Holy Spirit. He really seemed to have Joy and told me to stay on “My Mission” encouraging me. I said I will and I would pray for him and gave him my e-mail and said if he ever had a prayer request to send it to me and I would be faithful to pray. He shook my hand and I said I will see you in heaven. He smiled and agreed.


I had a long conversation about truth w/ a strange character who was raised Roman Catholic and decided to become Jewish and thought he wanted to be a Rabbi. He was wearing a Yamaka. He was convinced the Bible had all kinds of contradictions in it but could not name one when I pressed him. He basically told me I could not prove anything I said saying subjective and societal values were what was right and wrong. I said he had basically just laid out the philosophical basis for the Holocaust. We were sitting by a bridge that connects 2 buildings and I said if I had an engineering degree I could sit down and have a conversation about the structural integrity of the bridge. We could talk about trigonometry the temperance for the steel and the likelihood built as it was that it would last 20 years. Now you could say well what if a tsunami hits it? Now I can’t say absolutely that can’t happen but as we are about 1500 miles from an ocean I can say with huge probability it won’t same with an earthquake as we do not get the magnitude earthquakes around here to threaten a bridge, but it is not absolutely impossible, some construction worker towing a crane he thought was not erect could strike it and take it out but also unlikely. There is no such thing as zero probability. But within a certain set of givens that engineers could agree upon we could say it would be definitely there in 20 years. All truth claims in conversation work on an agreed upon set of givens or there is no point of contact in which to have a dialogue. If you don’t believe in Math you don’t believe in bridges. I pointed out History had similar givens as he was trying to suggest I could not prove Jesus had even existed as many people had that name in his time. I said there were other adjectives attached to Jesus name like his town of origin or that he did miraculous works so it is clear in Historical literature who is being spoken of, and there were within the parameters of a certain set of givens sound reasons to believe the claims about Jesus in the NT. He was a real know it all and yet had not read anything and in the end just said he was a Nihilist and it did not matter what the Torah actually said or if it had any contradictions as it was more important what he got out of it. I said German Scholarship took similar positions on Biblical criticism and then wondered why no one wanted to read the Bible anymore in Germany. He never quite got it but hopefully he left a bit less sure that he knew what he was talking about.


Well thanks for your prayers God guided me and gave me words today. Please pray for Senovio to grow in Christ.


Blessings in Him,