Results of the Work – 9/26/23

Hey Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I hope your day was blessed with all good things from above. I had a good day of sharing and seed planting though no one came to Christ but I had 3 long conversations with students.

Adna, Lamar, Hugo all heard the Gospel today and seemed at least open. Adna is a Muslim we talked a long time. She was pretty, light brown hair and grey green eyes and had no head scarf on. we were in the SSC lounge. We shared some values as she was a conservative religious person her family from Bosnia. Lamar wore his hair in dreds that were about 6 inches long half way down his nose. He has been influenced by his dad who is Black Israelite as far as I could tell and had a lot of questions on the Sabbath and other things, he took The Case for Christ Answer Booklet. He thanked me for walking up and talking to him and said he was going to check back with his father. Hugo a slight guy with blonde highlights in stick straight hair.  He gone to Church and Mosque with Muslim friends. He had read a lot of things and his parents were back in the Roman Catholic Church after a brief stay with the Jehovah’s Witnesses. I gave him The Case for Christianity Answer Book.

So no one came to Christ but I had a good day and God gave me words for some hearers.

Thanks so much for your prayers for the ministry today. everyone else I spoke with was already a Christian and I touched base with several students who had prayed with me to receive Jesus in the past.

In Him,