Results of the Work – 9/21/23

Hey Brothers and Sisters in Christ,
I hope your weekend has been blessed do far today. I had a good day on campus Thursday hanging out with some students and Abrianna prayed with me to receive Christ. Her story is below if you have some time to read some of what she said. Please pray she will grow. And please pray for a guy struggling with his sin of pornography named Quin. Thanks for your help in prayer.

I prayed with a Christian guy named Quin who was addicted to porn Thursday. He didn’t believe he was going to Heaven though he had prayed to receive Jesus before in his life. I explained the power of the Holy Spirit in him. I said he was going to Heaven and God would forgive him after having gone through the Gospel seeing he believed. He said he had asked for forgiveness praying a prayer like it before. “So you believe faith alone saves you,” he asked. I said, “The Bible teaches that yes.” “Doesn’t it say in James that faith without works is dead?” He asked. I said it did but I was fairly certain he had done good works. I asked if he was kind to people and he said he was. And I mentioned some other things a Christian would do and he was doing those things.  I said, “Well kindness is a good work. You have one bad thing you are stuck on and if you do not get rid of it, it can destroy you. But that does not mean in other parts of your life you are not doing good works. Are you asking God for forgiveness?” I checked again. He said he was.  I explained that the power to do good things came from the Holy Spirit living in him and if God lived in him he would be transformed and do good things. He needed to ask God for that transformation so I said then “Don’t just ask to be forgiven but ask for Him to transform you.” I gave him a copy of Bible Promises for You. “When you feel like looking at porn read one of the verses in this book instead and pray.” He said he only looked at things on his phone and I asked if he thought he could find a blocking program to put on it. He thought he could. I told him to keep his phone off except when he needed it. I said to find other Christians to pray for him.  “And get into a support group where a person will check up on you and help you, you can find them on line.” He nodded. He began to wipe tears from his eyes. I asked if I could pray for him and he nodded. No one was near us as he was at the counter in the cafeteria so I turned my back to the room and grabbed his wrist and prayed for him to be cleansed and have strength from the Lord and know he was forgiven. He was a small guy, thin, sandy hair and it did not look like he’d been getting much sleep. He was grief stricken by his sin and so I will be praying for him. But I think he was willing to get help. I explained he was living in a very evil time. 100 years ago he would not have fallen into looking at porn as he would not have had a way to access it. But I encouraged him he could get past it. I showed him the prayer again in the booklet and encouraged him to pray it when he fell in temptation, receiving God’s forgiveness and start again. So please pray for him. I will be looking for him and praying for his battle with sin.

Abrianna was sitting at a table outside the bookstore near the bottom of the stairs down from the main entrance to the SRC. She is a petite and her brown hair was parted down the middle and fell just past her shoulders. A cute kid with a square chin and a pretty white smile and had grey sweats on. She had long nails somewhat pink toned and wore jewelry sparingly but was a girly girl. I asked her what she would say to God to get into Heaven and she said, “I don’t know… I would say…” Then seeming to make up her mind said, “I deserve to be there I’ve been through a lot.” I laughed lightly and said “OK,: affirmingly. Heaven is rest and this life is difficult, and if it goes bad enough and you didn’t turn into a nasty person from it you could feel like you’d earned it.  She was sure she was going to Heaven and had been to church with some friends before. She knew Jesus had died for her sins. She seemed to enjoy hearing the stories I told to explain the Bible verses and smiled and was interactive. I explained the blood of Christ to pay for her sins and cleanse her and the righteousness of God Christ earned. I said God wanted to adopt her and give her the blessings of His family, “The sacrifice for your sins, the blood that cleanses you and the righteousness of God that surrounds you. So it’s like you got some place to go, Heaven, and something to wear when ya get there, The Righteousness of God.” I told her she was saved by faith and her good deeds would not fix her bad ones. I asked her if she would want to be forgiven trusting in what Jesus had done or thought something else. “I’ll go with the first one,” she said. I said there was a prayer she could pray and then she’d know she was forgiven and I walked her through it and asked if it was the desire of her heart. “Yeah,” she said. So, I said she could pray that prayer silently and know she was forgiven and going to Heaven. “OK,” she said taking the booklet. “Wanna to it now?” I asked. “Right now?” she said ever so slightly scandalized.  “Sure,” I replied. “Do I do it out loud?” “No just silently it’s just between you and God,” I said. She took the booklet and silently prayed to receive Jesus. I asked if she had a Bible and she did. I gave her the book Bible Promises for You and wrote her name and the date and forgiven!” in the front. “Thank you so much,” she replied as I gave it to her. I also gave her a Bible study and The Case for Christ Answer Booklet. I said, I don’t know if I’ll see ya again,” “Oh I see ya walking around,” she said. “Well, I’ll just say hi if I do,” I replied. And she smiled at that. “I’ll keep you in my prayers and pray a Bible verse for you each day until spring and one year after.” I said the likelihood she would go to Heaven now was 100%. “Thank you for everything,” she said sincerely and I said “Sure,” and headed off down the hall.

So thanks for your prayers for the ministry and for Evangelism this week if you had a chance. 39 Students have prayed to receive Jesus this school year so far.

In Him,