Results of the Work – 4/27/23

Hey Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I hope you had a blessed week and God gave you peace in the midst of the turmoil. Look for a good price on your favorite canned beans. Seems that food is escalating. I had a stomachache for 3 days. I thought it had left me last night but it came back this morning. I’ve been trying to feel better instead of that today. I was just eating dandelion heads in the yard and that helped. Some old Irish gardener recommended it on YouTube. I think she soaked hers in vodka for a couple months first but I skipped that part. I had a great day on campus as Angely [anj a lee] prayed to receive Christ. She was the only person I found to go through the Gospel with Thursday. It seems like there are scarce few students about but I am on about the same pace as last year. So I hope God will continue to bless the next couple weeks. Her story is below if you have time please pray she is blessed.

I came across Angely sitting on one of a set of oversized chairs around the corner of the SSC lounge on the second floor. She is 5 foot tall, a very pretty Asian girl. She had a diamond shaped face and high cheek bones. Her shoulder length hair was parted down the middle and she had pretty eyelashes that did not seem likely to be given by the gene-pool. She was wearing white spaghetti strap shirt, under a flannel of black and grey and had leggings on, very petite. She wanted to travel, to be a stewardess we talked about a relative of mine that flies all over the world and other tales I tell of flight she liked. (Ellen told me when I got home that being 5’ she would probably have a tough time reaching the overhead compartments on a plane, so she should try to be a pilot.) When we finally got to the survey again I asked what she would say to God if she died and He asked, “Why should I let you into Heaven?” She replied “’Cause I’m a believer.” I asked her what the likelihood was she was going to Heaven and she said, “I actually don’t know. Maybe 50%.” I began to go through the Gospel with her and she seemed familiar with some of what I said. After I had gone through everything. I asked her if she would want to be forgiven or thought something else. She said, “I’d want to be forgiven.” She expressed that she had tried to live the Christian life and didn’t think she had.  So we talked about the Christian life living Inside>out, where the Spirit would change you on the inside and you would do good things on the outside. I told her she needed to stop trying to do good things but needed to ask God to change her on the inside by His Spirit and she would do them because she was changed. I gave her Bible Promises for You and said she could turn the verses into prayers. I went back to the prayer and explained it and asked if she thought she had told God she was trusting in what Jesus had done to be forgiven. “I feel like I’m waiting,” she replied. We’d talked a long time so I just said, “Stop waiting,” I said she could pray and I would not hear her but God would hear did she want to do that and she nodded and took the booklet and prayed to receive Christ. So that was great. I took back Bible Promises for You and wrote the date and “forgiven!” in the front. I gave her a Bible study and explained it and gave her The Case for Christ answer Booklet. We also talked about motorcycles when she said she liked by rings. They tell the story of the Gospel and she thought they were cool (which of course they are). She wanted to learn to ride. I told her I thought that learning to ride a motorcycle was a good skill if she traveled as well as knowing how to drive stick shift. She had a plan for the later I think.  I told her there was a class offered to teach her to ride a motorcycle at school in the summer which she was excited to hear. I also told her she should know how to fire a gun. She’d never fired one, but her father had them and was kind of an Asian version of a “good old boy” they were from the south. He liked to drive around in his truck. I said I was sure he would teach her. She said they did not get along but being a lot alike they fought, so she did not think he would. I spent a while then encouraging her to ask God to change her heart toward her father. I said I was sure he loved her and she agreed. I said in my own life God did not always answer my prayer to change others but He was always willing to change me when I asked. I told her she should ask the Lord to do that and I explained this was a useful skill in the professional world to be able to do the steps around people and bite her tongue. She was moved and agreed she would ask for God to change her heart towards her dad. I talked about my own relationship with my dad that we had butted heads when I was young but by the time he died he was one of my best friends. I explained now trusting in Jesus’ righteousness to be her righteousness the likelihood she would go to Heaven was 100%. His righteousness was worth an infinite amount because He is God and so there would be enough righteousness for an old biker like me and a young woman like her that hadn’t hardly done anything yet but if we died today God would forgive us both. “Amen,” she replied cheerfully. Thanks for talking with me you made my day,” I said getting up to go. “You made my day too,” she replied. I said, “Thanks,” and headed off.

Thanks for your prayers today.