Results of the Work – 4/25/23

Hey Sisters and Brothers in Christ,


I hope your day was blessed and you were filled with the presence of the Lord. I had a good day on campus and got through the Gospel with 3 students, one took a booklet, I left the booklet with a foreign student, David, who could not understand English well but said he could read. Finally at the end of my time today I came across Clay. He said he would pray later. So I’d be grateful if you would pray he would. Thanks for your prayers, some of his responses are below if you have the time.


I came across Clay, wearing light grey sweats, and a grey t-shirt with a ghost on it of some kind. He had short brown curly hair and an oval face, tall and thin. Good-looking guy. He was sitting in some chairs outside the cafeteria. Beside him was a black guy on his right. Next to her was a pretty girl with long blonde hair. I never got their names.  She had what must have been penciled in eye lashes that were under her eyes and above them. She had a nose piercing in her septum. I asked Clay if he wanted to do a survey about God. “I’m Buddhist,” she informed me, interrupting. “Ok,“ I said and asked Clay again and he said, “Sure I’m into God.” They all looked to be high school students checking out the college. The black guy, who was on his phone, but had been talking to the girl as I walked up had traditional features and a beard and lose curls. He later said he was mixed race and he was not very dark in skin tone. I asked Clay what he would say to God to get into Heaven. “I always tried to be the best version of myself throughout life. I tried to do the best I could, whether I did or didn’t [succeed]. I don’t know how to end it,” he said thinking about what his words so far. I asked him what the likelihood he would get into Heaven. “Depending on how I lived,” he said thinking. 65%,” Then he changed to 75% saying the last 25% is yet to be seen. He had “fallen out” of going to Church. “I tried my best to do the right thing,” he said adding to his first answer. Then later he said still thinking about what he would say, “I think of doing things in God’s eyes. Before I do this thing I think what he would think of it.” I went through the Gospel with him. He could not think of what God had done to take away his sins. Though I told the associates to his right not to help him. But then after Clay struggled a minute both said, “He died on the cross,” nearly together. Clay remembered that then. I got though most of the things I say saying of the righteousness of Christ he would not go to Heaven because he was good but because Jesus was good and he was connected to Him.. He liked one story and laughed and said, “How many times have you told that story?” I said hundreds of times in the last year. It suddenly occurred to him he had a time he had to be somewhere. I finished up, explained forgiveness and offered him the prayer saying if he wanted to have God live inside him he could pray it later. He agreed and thought he would. We got up I said so long to the black guy who liked some of what I’d said and knew enough to be a Christian. “See ya Eyes, “ I said to the girl. “You have a really bright aura,” she replied. “Well, you know how it goes,” I said. And headed off catching up to Clay somehow I gave him a promise book and we split at the hallway.


So thanks for your prayers for the ministry and for evangelism today if you had a chance, God blessed.


In Him,