Results of the Work – 4/11/23

Hey Sisters and Brothers in Christ,


We are having nice warm weather in Chicago so I didn’t use the tunnels to go between buildings to take some in some sun. Abby and Daivion each prayed with me to receive Jesus so that was great. Please pray they each grow in their faith. Thanks for your prayers. Their stories are below if you have time to read a few things they said.


Abby was sitting in the MAC Arts building. There’s a short stairway dropping down to a table and chairs in front of the entrance to the drama theatre and she sat there. She looked Filipino had a pretty, wide face and thick hair in two braids running on either side of her head then down behind. She wore a red, white and blue V neck pull over, stripes and lettering and cargo pants that tied at the ankles. A creative art building kid. She hesitated to do a survey but went for it. When I asked her what she wanted to do before she died. “Really figure out what to do to get happy,” she replied. I thought, I know something that might help. When I asked her what she would say to God to get into Heaven if she died she thought for a moment with an Ummm but that didn’t seem to help. So I asked if she ever went to Church, she’d gone to a Catholic church when she was younger. “What would they say you do to get into Heaven?” I asked. “Be a servant of God,” she said after a moment. “Do you feel like you serve God?” I asked. “No,” she said. “I’d almost feel like, unworthy. I feel like saying what I should get is like praising myself, but I don’t hold myself that high.” “Well, you have humility, that’s something,” I replied. She thought she’d have a 65% chance of going to Heaven. I went through the Gospel with her and she took it all in, I asked her what Jesus had done to take away the sins of the world and she said, “He died.” I went on to explain the Bible said the blood of Christ cleansed her and paid God for all the imperfect things we had done that we owed God for. I told her the righteousness of God Christ earned was to her credit, by faith. I asked if she’d want to be forgiven for her sins. “Yeah,” she said. So I said if she did there was a prayer she could pray and talked her through ii. I asked if it was the desire of her heart. “Yeah,” she said again so I said she could pray it silently I wouldn’t hear her but God would hear and she’d know she was forgiven. “Wanna do it?” “Yeah,” she said again and I bowed my head as she prayed so I could only see her hands (from under my cap) holding the booklet. When she let it rest on the table I looked up and said, “Your sins are forgiven. Not because I say so but because of Jesus,” “Yeah,” she said with a big smile. She had a family Bible she wanted to use so I gave her Bible Promises for You writing her name and the date and “forgiven!” in the front. I told her now trusting in the righteousness of Jesus the likelihood she would go to Heaven was 100%. I gave her The Case for Christ Answer Booklet and a Bible study. Resting her elbow on the table she held up her fist and said, “Very cool, Bob.” I bumped her fist. “I’ll see you in Heaven,” I said telling her I would pray a Bible verse for her each day for the next year. “Nice to meet ya,” “Have a good one,” she replied. “Thank you,” I said and headed out the door.


Daivion [day v on] was sitting alone at the long table they have along the base of the stairs in the PE building lounge. He had a unkempt afro and was wearing black sweats and a black hoodie with a small pack across his chest. He was on a laptop. He had a mustache and a goatee, square jaw, dark complexion, good-looking guy. He ran track and thought he’d pick it up again next spring at another college. When I asked him what he would say to God to get into Heaven he said, “’Cause of the love I showed my family and friends.” He thought he had a 50/50 chance of going to Heaven. He went to Church he said and when I asked him what Jesus had done to take away his sins he said, “He died.” He made some matter of fact faces of acceptance as I went through the Gospel. After explaining the gospel and what Jesus had done to save him I asked him if he thought something else or would want to be forgiven for his sins. He shook that he did want to be forgiven.  So I said if he did there was a prayer he could pray and read it through. Only one other big dude had sat at the table a few seats from us on the other side. So we were alone at our end. I asked if it was the desire of his heart, reading that line in the booklet. He smiled and said, “Yeah.” I said he could pray it silently and I wouldn’t hear but God would and he nodded, took the booklet and prayed to receive Jesus. He had a Bible so I also gave him, Bible Promises for You writing his name and the date and “forgiven!” in the front. I gave him a Bible study and The Case for Christ Answer Booklet saying he might have time this summer to look at it and Strobel also had YouTube videos. I told him also I would pray a Bible verse for him each day for the next year. We fist bumped and he said he appreciated it and I headed off.


So thanks for your prayers for the Ministry and for evangelism if you had a chance. God truly blessed. 

In Him,