Results of the Work – 2/2/23

Hey Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I hope your day was blessed with all god things from above and you had some Joy walking with Jesus by the Spirit. I had a good day on campus and Taron and Shanice prayed with me to receive Christ. Please pray this couple grows in their faith in Christ. Their stories are below if you have a moment to read them. Thanks for your prayers.

Taron was sitting on the last chair in a row of sofa chairs with armrest tables built in. He was right around the corner from the hall that leads to the cafeteria. He wore a red and white hoodie and jeans. He had a rough top afro his hair shaved shorter on the sides, a hair cut I don’t remember seeing before this school year as much. He had a wider nose and classic black features. Good lookin’ guy he seemed like a genuinely warm person. I walked up asking if he wanted to do a survey. He kind of looked at me like he didn’t want to but he thought he should, like he was under some conviction. So I asked him the main question to see if he’d be interested: “You’re walking down the road and you get hit by a bus. So you’re dead and you stand before God and He says why should I let you into Heaven? What would you say?” Saying then, “So it’s basically the answer to that question, so do you wanna know, already know or you don’t care?” “Ok,” he replied and I asked if he wanted the answer or would do a survey. “I’ll do the survey,” he replied. I asked him eventually what he would say to God if asked, “Why should I let you into heaven?” “I feel like He should already know,” Taron answered. I asked, “What is it you think gets you into heaven?” He replied, “Get yourself into Heaven? You do good, be genuine.” He thought he had a 100% chance of going to Heaven. I asked, “You ever go to Church, like when you were a kid or something?” and he said he had when he was about 6 or 7 but “I pray a lot—often.”

His girlfriend, Shanice walked up then just as we were finishing the survey. She had a pretty oval face, petite facial features. Her hair was pulled up over the top of her head and came out like a fountain. Her body was proportioned in the idealized manner of the present times in the black community. He reached out to touch her hand acknowledging her, as she stood beside him, a bit past him, facing sort of down the hall away from us with the body language, I’m here time to go. So I gave up my seat and asked her to sit down, she resisted saying she could stand but I asked again and she agreed, seeing I was trying to be polite. I then was kneeing at the side of his chair on the other side where she’d stood asking for just a couple more minutes of their time. I slowly worked her into an illustration towards the end before getting her name. But I could tell she was listening so I tried to speak to both of them. And then she began to look at me as I spoke directly to her. Then I said to her, say you have a boy friend for about three weeks, before you guys were dating. You thought he was pretty cool but then you find out he was cheating on you and stealing your stuff. So you cut him loose and he comes around in about a week and says, ‘I know I did you wrong, I was even stealing your stuff and selling it for drugs, but I just want you to know I’m gonna be nice to my next 3 girl friends.’ You’d say, ‘That doesn’t help me at all.’” Because you can’t do good stuff over there to fix your bad stuff here. But some people think it works that way. But God says He has to turn your bad things into good things.” And then I quoted Romans 8:28 saying God controls the future and can make all things work together for good. I asked him if he would want to be forgiven for his sins. He said, “I would want to be forgiven.” So I said there was a prayer he could pray and I explained the prayer trying to include Shanice, having gotten her name. “Can I keep this?” he asked taking the booklet. I said he could but he could pray silently right now if he wanted and he would be forgiven and know he was going to Heaven. He took the booklet then and leaned toward her as if to ask her to read it with him and I said, “Would you like a booklet of your own? She said they could share but I gave her one and she finished praying a moment before him as they both then prayed to receive Jesus. I explained the Christian life to them living by the Spirit’s power.  I said “Let me give you some books” and I wrote in each; of a couple of copies of Bible Promises for You  writing their name and the date and ‘forgiven.’ I gave them each a bible study saying they could do it together. I gave them each The Case for Christianity Answer Booklet. I explained I would pray for them a blessing from the Bible each day from now until Spring and then one year after asking God to blessed them and they really seemed to like that. I said I would see them in Heaven and they both returned a big smile. I thanked them for giving me their time and they said no problem and they headed around the corner toward the cafeteria as I headed off the other way down the hall. I realized later God’s perfect timing that Taron wanted to talk and Shanice was willing to let us finish but that she came just in time to hear the Gospel all the way through. God just worked the conversation out. Who knows if she would have been willing to listen otherwise, she held a very stern expression right up until the end. But they both prayed to receive the Lord so I hope they will now be led by the Spirit to a closer walk with Him.

Thanks for your prayers for the ministry and for evangelism today if you had a moment, God truly blessed. I had a long discussion with a young blonde bearded guy who was an orthodox Christian and we plan to talk more. He is focusing on Muslim apologetics and has had at least one on-line debate about 2500 people saw. He has my Email and was going to send me a paper and try to connect with his other friend.

In Him,