Results of the Work – 11/30/22

Hey Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Kiara  prayed to receive Jesus today and Joaquin who I talked to a while back said talking through the Gospel had turned his life back to his roots and he’d decided to pray to receive Jesus as well and thanked me. Rose approached me saying that my talking to her had made a dramatic difference in her life and thanked me several times. I know something clicked for her and she has trusted in Jesus and not her works as before. So I had a good day though most people I talked to I had talked to before. Thanks for your prayers today if you had a chance. Please pray these might grow in their faith. Their stories are below if you’ve time.

Kiara (rhymes with tiara) was sitting down as her class was cancelled and did not have much time to talk as she’d already called for a ride. She was wearing a blue hoodie, with braid extensions poking out on either side of her face. She wore blue sweats with a white six inch slash half way across each leg that looked like they might be reflective. She was pretty solid looking and had dark complexion, a squared off chin and European nose. You could say kind of an African American image of Sandra Bullock in facial characteristics. .She wore no makeup. When I asked her what she would say to God to be let into Heaven she said, “What would I say… I guess I’d say…” In then end she just didn’t know she said it had been a long time ago that she had regularly gone to church with her grandma but she thought she’d have “a high chance” of going to Heaven, I guessed, “80%?” “85% she replied.” When I asked her what Jesus had done to take away the sins of the world she remembered, “He sacrificed Himself.” I went through the Gospel but her ride came so I quickly read the verses to finish about salvation by faith and receiving Jesus and I quickly read through the prayer and said, “So you could pray that some time to be forgiven, or did you pray it just now?” She said she had so I quickly gave her a copy of Bible Promises for You and wrote her name in the front and “forgiven and you could see the gratitude on her face. “Hopefully I’ll see you around,” she said and she ran out the doors.

Joaquin was sitting on the bridge over the SSC lounge on the third floor. He wore a black hoodie zipped up under a black jacket. He had straight brown hair parted in the middle and down past his chin. Kind of short. He looked a lot like the Jewish hypochondriac comedian Richard Lewis, in the face. So it was my day for meeting celebrity doppelgangers. I asked him if he wanted to do a student survey. “Actually I’ve done that with you before a while back.” “Oh sorry man what’s your name?” I asked. He said it was Joaquin and then asked me mine. I remembered the spelling and him a bit then. “Thanks for talking with me that really helped,” he went on. “I’m getting back into the root of my faith.” Did you pray that prayer in the booklet? I asked.  “I actually did, I usually don’t do things like that but I did.” He replied. I asked if I had given him a book besides the booklet and I hadn’t so I gave him Bible Promises for You and I wrote “forgiven!” in the front and he said, “Oh thanks,” for the note I think. So I said I would add him to my prayers and said merry Christmas and we said goodbye.

Rose had passed me in the hall walking with a guy earlier in the day. She looks Native American, with long brown hair and a slightly wider nose at the bridge then straight, pretty. I thought before they could cast her as Pocahontas in a movie. She then ran up to me later as I turned a corner and began thanking me for talking with her and saying it had made such a big difference and she was really so grateful. I said that was great. She has a really soft spoken sweet disposition and was a lot more energized than when we’d talked before. Then, when I left her she said she thought it was great that I was walking around talking to people. I’d already given her a book. I said I’d been praying for her. I had thought she’d come to believe on Christ when we talked, though I could tell she hadn’t really understood the Gospel before. She had a said in answer to asking why He should let her into Heaven, “I’m not sure what to say… I’ve given my life to you and I’ve had a positive impact.” So I’m grateful that now after thinking about being saved by the blood and righteousness of Christ it has brought a change in her heart. She confessed Christ as I left her the first time saying she believed the first time we talked. “Thank you that really clarified things,” she said then so I think it had done more, it had brought her to faith. So I will continue to pray she grows in the knowledge of God.

So thanks for your prayers for the ministry and for evangelism today if you had a chance. God truly blessed.

In Him,