Results of the Work – 10/24/22

Hey Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I hope your day was blessed walking with the Lord by faith. I had a good day on campus and Nathan prayed with me to receive Jesus. His family was from Vietnam. Please pray he grows in his faith and begins to walk with God in Christ. His story is below if you have the time. Thanks for your prayers.

Nathan was sitting on a row of chairs that is outside the tunnel that runs over to the PE building. He was wearing a fleece lined flannel shirt and jeans. He had a mop of brown hair parted on the left. He was not a big guy. Had black rectangle glasses over a bell-shaped nose, heart shaped mouth. When I asked him what he would say he paused with “Hmm,” and then said, “I would say—with no preparation out in front—I’d be too in shock to think of an answer. I’d probably just say I did the best I could.” He thought he had a 65% chance of going to Heaven. I asked what Jesus had done to take away his sins. And though he said he had not been to church much since childhood he remembered and said “He was a sacrifice.” He took in the Gospel and listened patiently to the idea that Jesus blood was a payment for his sins. God was just to forgive his sins as the infinitely valuable blood of Jesus (His life force) pays God back. It’s a payment for the imperfect things we owe God for when we wrecked His stuff. When you think about it, giving your life is the ultimate (gift of) payment for anything. He said his father was very religious. I explained the blessing of the power of the Holy Spirit giving us power to live. “Would you like to be blessed and forgiven?” I asked. He thought about it. I said, “Do you believe Jesus is God died for your sins and rose from the Dead? Do you think that’s a true story?” “Well I can’t imagine someone would make it up,” he replied. I said I agreed it wasn’t possible given that all the apostles lost their lives for the faith and had they engineered a hoax they would have copped to it before dying (since the Romans wanted this in the persecution of Nero) they wanted Christians to worship their gods. I pointed out that the stories that the Apostles wrote about Jesus often made themselves look bad. “If you were making up a religion about Jesus rising from the dead you would tell stories that made you look good,” I opined. The resurrection stories and Jesus walking on the water, and arguments about who was the greatest all make the Apostles look bad. We talked some more about the selfishness of other religions. I told him some benefit would come from ay relationship, but God wanted us to be part of His plan to help and bless others not only be blessed. I had gone through the prayer with him and asked again if he would want to be forgiven, blessed and have a Heavenly Father. “Sure,” he said then and prayed to receive Jesus. When he finished I said the likelihood now he would go to Heaven was 100% trusting in the righteousness of Jesus. I gave him a Bible Promises for You book writing his name and the date and forgiven in the front and a Bible study. “Thanks for talking with me man,” I said getting up to go.” “No problem,” he replied. And I headed out.

So thanks for your prayers for the Ministry and for Evangelism today if you had a chance. God truly blessed.

In Him,