Results of the Work – 10/18/22

Hey Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I hope your day was filled with blessings walking with the Lord. I had a good day on campus and Mimi prayed with me to receive Jesus and Chris (a Latino guy, oval face, scarred cheeks, big trucker cap on) committed to Christ saying he would pray tonight, so I hope he was sincere. Please pray he does as I will and please pray Mimi grows in her faith. Her story is below if you have time. Thanks for your prayers.

Mimi was wearing a blue sweatshirt and jeans with her coat half over her like a blanket. She had her feet up on one end of a big rectangular ottoman. I sat on the other end.  She slouched low in the sofa chair in the last lounge before the hallway widens toward the cafeteria on the 1st floor BIC building. She had a pretty brown face and long dark hair parted down the middle. Saying she was Mexican she said she spoke Spanish as well as English but was born here. She was very subdued. I hear students complaining every so often in the hallway that they are tired. A lot of kids work 30 hours a week at a job and go to school. She seemed kind of wiped out. She wasn’t that interested in a survey having done one before but she wanted to know the Bible verses to explain how you get to Heaven. I had asked her the question, “You get hit by a bus and your dead and you stand before God and He says why should I let you into Heaven?” Her answer was, “That’s a hard question,” then thinking more she said, “Give me a chance.” She listened to the Gospel attentively and I found myself talking softly and slowly because she seemed like she was resting from a hard day. She went to Church occasionally and it seemed her Grandmother was religious. But she did not know how Jesus took away her sins saying when I asked, “He forgives you?” I explained the Gospel and at the end asked her if she would want to be forgiven trusting in what Jesus had done or thought something else. She thought for a bit and finally said, “Be forgiven.” I said there was a prayer she could pray and talked her through it asking if it was the desire of her heart. “Yes,” she said. I said she could pray it then and asked if she’d want to silently. “I guess,” she said. And she took the booklet and prayed to receive Jesus. “Amen?” I said when it looked like she was done. “Amen,” she replied. She took a Bible study but not having a backpack to carry a bible with she didn’t want one. I offered her three sizes but she said, “I can steal one from my grandma’s house,” and smiling said,  “It’s in Spanish.” She did take a Bible study and I explained it to her. I said I would keep her in my prayers until spring and one year after. She was thankful. “I’ll see you in Heaven,” I said, “God bless you,” getting up to go. “God bless you too,” She replied. “Nice to meet you,” I said. “Nice to meet you too,” she said with a smile. And I headed off.

So thanks for your prayers for the ministry and for evangelism today. God blessed and I got at least one seed planted. I went through the Gospel with a Muslim girl who largely seemed to be only passively Muslim, Zoha. She never went to Mosque, wore no head covering, said her name was Arab and meant “1st ray of dawn.” So maybe God will use His word down the line, as the Muslim faith in the west collapses with basic exposure of their texts on YouTube. I’ll be pray for her.

In Him,