Results of the Work – 5/10/22

Hey Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I hope your day was blessed and your heart is resting on the power of God to save. I had a good day on campus and Chris and Kaylee prayed to receive Jesus today so that was great. Please pray they grow in their faith and walk in the comfort of the Lord. Their stories are below if you have some time to spend.

Chris was sitting in some back to back chairs that look like they should have restaurant tables between or in front of them. The school once had then elsewhere. They are now across the door way from the security desk ten steps from the door to the patio at the top of the man made waterfall outside. Chris is a short Latino guy, clean shaven round face he was wearing soccer shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt. He was friendly. It turned out he hadn’t been to church a lot of late his family all now works so many hours that when they have time off  and it isn’t a holiday they spend it together. When I asked him what he would say to God if he died and was asked why He should let him into Heaven he said, “I guess I would say like, hmm… He chose that this is the right time for me to go. I trust His word He probably did it for a good reason.” He was in some way answering the question why he had died but it seemed he was going to trust God for whatever outcome he got. He thought he had a 50/50 shot of getting into Heaven. I sat across from him leaning forward as we talked into the space where a table would have been. He leaned forward interested as I went through the Gospel with him. When I asked him what Jesus had done to take away his sins he said, “Forgives you?” guessing. I said that it was true God forgives you and the reason He does is because He got paid. I went on to explain, in words I often use, the sacrifice of Christ and His blood and righteousness. He tuned right in to all of it and when I asked him if he would want to be forgiven for his sins trusting in what Jesus had done or thought something else he said, “Probably be forgiven,” processing everything. I did not seem to have thought through any of it before. I said if he wanted to be forgiven there was a prayer he could pray and I talked him through it and asked if it was the desire of his heart. He nodded so I said he could pray it silently and only God would hear asking if he’d want to do that. “Sure,” he replied. And then he prayed to receive Jesus. I told him when he’d finished he could keep the booklet and explained living “inside out” asking God first to transform us so that we could be good people filled with the Spirit to do Good things. I told him then that now trusting in the righteousness of Jesus to be his righteousness the likelihood he would go to Heaven was 100%. He thanked me and I gave him the book Bible Promises for You and wrote his name and the date and forgiven. And I gave him a Bible study on ways Jesus claims to be God by doing what only God could do in the Old Testament. “Thank you,” he said again reaching out to shake my hand. “Yeah cool,” I said maybe this will help you understand a little more what is going on at Church. “Yeah maybe,” he replied. And I headed out.

Kaylee was sitting up against the counter in the cafeteria. She had skinny jeans on with some decorative blue trim up the outside seams and a black t-shirt on. She had straight brown hair to her shoulders and blue rimmed near round glasses. She had a square jaw, friendly smile, petite.  She had grown up in the Macedonia Orthodox Church and said she’d like to go to Macedonia and see where her Grandmother had grown up. When I asked her what she would say to God to get into Heaven she said, “I think I helped a lot of people.” She thought she had an 80% chance of going to Heaven. I began to go through the Gospel with her and asked her if she knew what Jesus had done to take away her sins, “Do you remember maybe from Church,” I asked. ‘Well they didn’t speak English,” she said saying she didn’t understand what was said at church. So I went on to explain the Gospel to her and she followed along closely and seemed to enjoy having it explained to her. As I finished I asked if she would want to be forgiven for her sins trusting in what Jesus had done or thought something else. “Forgiven,” she said simply. I said that if she wanted to be forgiven she could. I explained the prayer to her asking if she’d want to pray to receive forgiveness. “Sure,” she said and she prayed to receive Jesus. I explained to her a relationship in Christ where she could ask for the fruit of the Spirit and have power to live. I said Christianity was “Inside out not outside in. Other religions you do good things and the deity is pleased and sends you to Heaven or the Universe is pleased and you don’t come back as a cow or something. But in Christianity you ask God to transform you and then you become a good person who does good things. It says in James 4 you do not have because you do not ask, so just ask.” I told her God would give her the power to do anything he was asking her to do and give her as much success as would help her in life to not come to harm. I slid the booklet to her on the counter and she said, “Thank you.” “Sure,” I replied. I gave her Bible Promises for You writing her name and the date and “forgiven!” on the inside and a Bible study. And I told her if she trusts in the righteousness of God to be her righteousness the likelihood she would go to Heaven was 100%. “See ya in Heaven,” I said getting up to go. “I’m older I’ll probably get there first and I’ll show ya all the cool places to go.” I grinned at her and said, “See ya later.” Thank you,” she replied sincerely. “You’re welcome,” I said and headed out. So thanks for your prayers for the ministry and for evangelism today if you had a chance, God truly blessed.

In Him,