Spring Prayer Letter – updated 4/15/22

“But we preach Christ crucified…”  1 Corinthians 1:23

Hey Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I hope you have been doing well since we last mailed out a letter. Sorry it has been a while. Most of the people that support our ministry on campus get emails with a report each day that I go out to do evangelism. This week is Spring Break. Ellen is filing paperwork to keep us an NFP (something she does as a kindness, as Third Watch could never afford to pay her) and I decided to do an update.

In the course of understanding the studies Pfizer has done (court documents now show, since they were forced to release them) I realized I am exposed to a lot of stuff on campus. Pfizer claims the vaccine sheds spike proteins to others. So I have been taking more supplements to help me stay on top of the fatigue I’m feeling this year. Though I have not felt 100% very often, 51 people have prayed to receive Jesus this semester along with 86 that did so last semester.  There are several others who committed to Christ saying they would pray later, so I pray for them not knowing God’s work after I left their company. Many consider themselves Christians before speaking with me, but are hoping they will be good enough to go to Heaven. It seems like a toss-up as to if they know Jesus died to take away their sins. The week before last on campus, the response of Emily (she prayed to receive Jesus) was a good example. When I ask her what she would say to God if asked “Why should I let you into Heaven?” “Because… I wanna say I tried my best,” she replied after thinking about it a while. But she did not seem to think that was a good answer saying, “That’s a hard question. I don’t think I’ve ever thought about that.” I asked Wayne, after explaining the Gospel to him, if he had been trusting in Jesus or his good works to save him. “I have been trusting in my works,” he replied. “But after hearing this, there’s something I’m gonna have to do.” He also prayed with me to receive Jesus.

I don’t know if it is a problem in the Churches of the US that the Gospel is not clearly proclaimed. (Though I have visited 4 large churches in my area that offered people salvation or a relationship with Christ without once mentioning the Cross or the resurrection of Christ.) But I don’t know enough about other churches. Campus is not a fair test. I am not doing a random sample of church-going people on campus at all, really. I am praying to be led to the people who need to hear the Gospel and think about it with regard to their own salvation. College can be a time when you first separate a bit, thinking on your own apart from your family. I believe God is directing me to people who are ready to hear, though most students politely decline to talk to me. It is the mystery of the inner workings of the minds of people and the movement of the Spirit when they will be willing to listen. I also give out The Case for Christianity Answer Booklet and less often the longer book by Lee Strobel, The Case for Christianity. So I am hopeful others will one day turn (I pray for over 30 I have met). Sadly, books are not the main source of new information anymore and most students’ News Feed is probably “Twitter.” God is able.

So thanks for your prayers for the ministry on campus. I have had a sense of God’s leading, often having a picture in my head of a place to go to or an inner nudge, finding a student there who then prayed with me.

These are the 137 students who have received Christ so far this school year.  And 6 (*) who said they would pray later.  Please keep them in your prayers. I am praying for each of them every night.

Brieana, Delyla, Jermaine, Tryvis, Dajon, Edwin, Solomon, Brandon, Joe, AJ, Rafael, Keyshawn, Edmund, Fiyin, Cedric, Marshawn, Derek, Micheal, Anecia, Adrian, Amarillus, Richard, Joe, Victor, Natalie, Katie, Abraham, Eddie, Beth, Devion, Karina, Arielle, Slone, Henry, Leo, Jake, Anthony, Laila, Cam, Fashawn, Aniya, Amaya, Garrett, Gabriel, Ryan, Travis, Jack, Juan, Armen, Nathan, Roman, Fabi, Noah, Ben, Eugenia, Alexis, Bobby, Jeremy, Alma,  JJ, Yaritza, Maritza, Karina, Vernon, Sam, Brooklyn, Keagan, D’Andre, Ash, Matt, Tyler, Nuvia, Dom, Kaliyah, Jenn, Romel, Kendall, Thea, Eduardo, Daniel, Marissa, Harry, Jimmy, Elena, Jordan, Nya, George*, Leon*, Adrian*, Lewis*, Matt, Hazel, Angelina*, Valentin, Demo, Kori, Victoria, Gabriel, Milda, Esther, Nikki, Lucas, Jaden, Cira, Jerry, Caleb, Elona, Corey, Aleksander, Solomon, Carlos, Jalen, Gloria, Brooke, Rafel, Sam, Vlad,  Klay, Kevin, Javier, Tireh, Wayne, Emily, Breyon, Denise, Nicholas, Kai, Eric, Nicholas, Manuella, Juan, Favian, Kevin, Aaliyah, Tony, Gary, Liz, Milly, Gingis, Jamal, Laney, Bianca, Mar*

Two students, Alma and Dejah, meet with Ellen and me for discipleship each week. So we have enjoyed that time together.

Your prayers & gifts keep our ministry going.  We are so blessed by your partnership with us.


In Him,

PS As I mentioned I have had some health issues through the semester and relative to that I recently have taken in some information from Karen Kingston, a medical writer and former employee of Pfizer. (These interviews with Greg Hunter (USAWatchdog.com) can be found on https://rumble.com which is a YouTube type site.)

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