Results of the Work – 4/11/22

Hey Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I hope your day was blessed with a walk in the sunshine of His love and ya got some vitamin D out of the deal. Laney & Bianca each prayed with me to receive Jesus today. Please pray they grow in the faith they received. Their stories are below if you have time.

Laney was sitting at the end of the 2nd floor hallway heading toward the student services lounge where Starbucks is located. She had on a light grey hoodie and shredded jeans she had completely poked through with her legs, basically looked like shorts that became a big hole and began again as pants at her shins somewhere. She was petite, had straight brown hair and no make-up, sharp chin and nose for features, pretty face and long powder blue nails. She said she had gone to church and a Wednesday youth-group for students all through school until she got busy with college. I asked her what she would say to God and she said, “I don’t know. Probably that there’s a lot of things I’ve overcome as a person. I’ve been in really dark places; I’ve overcome them and been able to admit that I was wrong.” She thought she had a 45% chance of going to Heaven. I began to go through the Gospel with her telling her God wanted to take away her sin to know and live inside her. I asked her what Jesus had done to take away her sins and she struggled saying she thought she knew the answer but couldn’t think of it. So I said no problem and began explaining the Gospel to her, that God in Christ lived a perfect life for her and His blood was the payment for her sins. As I explained each point she said “Right,” agreeably. I explained the righteousness of Jesus that was to her credit. “So it’s like ya got some place to go, Heaven, and something to wear when you get there, the righteousness of God,” I explained. “Right,” she said. I explained that God adopted her making her his child and this was all by faith given her that saved her. I asked if she would want to trust in what Jesus had done to be forgiven for her sins and have God live inside her or thought something else. She said, “Probably be forgiven,” she replied pointing at the circle with God inside. “If you want to be forgiven there’s a prayer you can pray,” I said and explained the prayer to her asking (by reading the line), “Does this prayer express the desire of your heart?”  “Lemmie read it,” she said and she quickly read through the prayer and said, “Yeah.” I said she could pray it silently and she said, “Sure.” She took the booklet then and prayed to receive Jesus.  I took it back to explain living the Christian life “Inside out” and she said, “Thank you so much.” Which she said again 2 more times. I gave her Bible Promises for You writing her name and the date and “forgiven” in the front. I gave her a Bible study on the Deity of Christ. I told her I would pray for her for the next year one of the prayers of Paul each day and that now trusting in the Righteousness of God to be her righteousness the likelihood she would go to Heaven was 100%. I then thought to give her The Case for Christianity Answer Booklet asking her if she liked to read a bit. “I’ll take anything I can get,” she replied. She’d already said she had several Bibles she got as gifts. I put her name in it after explaining it with a few words. And handed it to her. “Thank you so much, thank you!” she said. “You’re welcome,” I replied and I headed around the corner to walk around more.

Bianca was sitting in the lounge that is kitty-corner from the police desk, which could be seen through the glass over her shoulder. She is African American wearing a hoodie and leggings had braids piled up on her head, some had been dyed a lighter brown. She wore a mask that she discarded as we finished talking. She had a full face and soft features, good looking gal. She looked older than 21 and had a 5 year old daughter, Avani. When I asked her what she would say to God to get into Heaven she said, “Because I did everything with a thankful heart.” She thought she had a 78% chance of going to Heaven. I explained the gospel to her and when I asked her what Jesus had done to take away her sins she said, “He forgives you?” I said yes God forgives you because He got paid.” And I began to explain the gospel to her. “Wait can I record this? I lead a positivity group and this is such a good message.” I said sure and the recording mostly caught my silhouette and voice. It stopped recording twice and she restarted it and I picked up more or less where I left off. As I finished I asked her if she would want to be forgiven trusting in Christ or thought something else. “I would want to be forgiven,” she replied. So I said there was a prayer she could pray and explained it to her and she said, “I receive it!” I said she could pray it silently and she would and she took the booklet and prayed to receive Jesus and then said, “Amen!” and turned off the recording. I explained living “inside out” transformed by the Spirit. I gave her Bible Promises for You writing her name and the date and “forgiven” on the inside. I explained that now trusting in the Righteousness of God in Christ to be her righteousness the likelihood she would go to Heaven was 100%.  She asked me what I would recommend she teach her daughter and I said she could find short Bible verses and help her memorize them and said there was a group called AWANA that if it is in a good church would be good for her. I said she could do a search for the Focus on the Family Website and they would have age appropriate materials. She was grateful and thanked me and blessed me and said she might come to Bible Study. “I’ll see you later,” she said and telling her I would be praying for her and her daughter I said, “OK” and headed out.

So thanks for your prayers for the ministry and for evangelism today if you had a chance God truly blessed.

In Him,