Results of the Work – 12/9/21

Hey Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I hope your day was filled with the fullness of God in Christ. I had a good day on campus. I’m not sure many classes were in attendance today. Today one guy, George, was close. He was thin in a jacket and years with his mask pulled down on his chin. He looked like Phineas from the cartoon “Phineas and Ferb”–if you put a narrow mustache and a jaw line beard on him like a French impressionist. He hadn’t known what Jesus did to take away his sins. He said he wanted to be forgiven and nodded when I asked if the prayer was the desire of his heart. But his friend had entered the lounge. 3 is a crowd, and being Greek Orthodox it might have been a little too outside the box to pray in public in front of a stranger. He took the booklet, so I am hopeful and will pray for him.

I bumped into Jeremy, who had to run to his ride a month or so back but said he would pray, and he said he did so I gave him a book and Bible study. I was grateful for the confirmation. He is half Italian and Mexican short with a mop of hair. I could not recognize him with his mask up and didn’t t first. “Don’t you remember me?” he asked, when I asked his name. When he told me it was “Jeremy” I said I had been praying for him but had never seen his face, so it would not be possible to recognize him. I still haven’t seen it. He said he had prayed so I gave him Bible Promises for You and a Bible study and we talked for a while.

Nya came to Bible study, so we’ll make plans with her next semester too, so we are grateful for that. There is one more day tomorrow, but I am not sure any classes are meeting as many use the last day for an exam. And Fridays were a ghost town more than any other day all semester. So I’ll go and see if God has some more miracles to show me. 86 Students prayed to receive Jesus this school year so far.

Thanks for your prayers this semester. God has really blessed the work.


In Him,