Results of the Work – 10/20/21

Hey Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I hope your day was blessed and you are happy in Jesus. I had a good day on campus and JJ and Yaritza each prayed with me to receive Jesus. Maritza, her girl friend had prayed to receive Jesus after I had gone through the Gospel with her over a year ago but had never told me. So I will be praying for her to grow as well. Please pray they are blessed in Christ and Yaritza can find a group to support her after sending her abusive boy friend to prison. If you are interested in the details they are below. Thanks for your help in prayer.

 JJ was sitting at the counter looking outside in the cafeteria and was willing to talk about the Lord. He had classic black features a short afro. JJ was clean shaven, had and almond shaped eyes. He had on a hoodie and shredded patched Jeans. He wore an earring in his left ear that was a round cluster of tiny stones diamond in appearance.  When I asked him what he would say to God to get into Heaven he said, “First I’m very faithful. Second I’m in His house every Sunday. Third I would very much like to be reconnected with my family.” I asked if he had had a lot of family who had died and he said he had a brother two grandfathers and a grandmother and a cousin. I asked him how likely it was he would go to Heaven and he said, “I think it’s pretty likely. I stay away from sin; I do a lot of things by the book, the Bible. I think it’s pretty likely I end up there.” I began to tell him the Gospel and asked what God had done to take away his sin and he said, “He died”. I agreed and explained how Jesus Blood had cleansed us from all sin so He could live inside us and that His righteousness was to our credit. He liked the illustrations and seemed to acknowledge all I said. I explained he did not go to Heaven because he was good but because Jesus was good. I explained he could receive Jesus and believe on His payment for sin by faith.  I asked if he wanted to trust in Jesus and in what he had done to forgive him so He could live inside him or if he thought something else. “I would want to be forgiven,” he said. I said, “So if you had not been trusting in Jesus dying for you to be forgiven but were just hoping you were good enough…” JJ nodded in agreement to that. “Then there is a prayer you could pray to be forgiven.” I walked him through the prayer and asked if it was the desire of his heart and he said, “Hmm hum.” So I said he could pray it silently and he took the booklet and prayed to receive Christ. I took it back and explained to him a life in Christ asking for the Spirit’s power to help him live the Christian life and do anything God was asking him to do. I gave him the book 20 Things God Can’t Do writing his name and the date and “forgiven” in the front along with By the Spirit’s Power”. I also gave him a Bible study on the deity of Christ. I told him I would be praying for him each night for a year. He was grateful and thanked me. “Cool to talk with you man,” I said picking up my pack where I’d been standing leaning against the glass. “You too, thank you.” “Have a good one.” I said. “You too, thank you.” he replied and I headed out.

Yaritza was sitting across from the bookstore on a counter high desk top in front of a computer box I thought was some kind of display. Her girl friend, Maritza sitting at the table beside her exclaimed that I used to talk to her all the time in the MAC arts building. Saying she still had the booklet I gave her. It turned out she had prayed to receive Jesus and Yaritza said her friend did in fact still have the booklet. But I had not known she had trusted in Christ until today. Yaritza was willing to do a survey because her friend encouraged her. Maritza seemed to be a boy magnet as we sat and did not listen in closely. They were pretty girls Yarzita had glasses and loose curly hair and Maritza had straight hair. Yaritza wore a black hoodie that read: “Just Do It” on the front and jeans. Both girls were short, near 5 feet I think. I asked her what she would say to go to get into Heaven and she said, “I’m gonna be like, I’m a good ass person. I know I’ve sinned. Please give me a chance to redeem myself into Heaven.” So you’d ask for a chance?” I asked and she agreed. I went through the Gospel with her. She hadn’t been to Church and did not know how Christ had taken away her sins.  She asked if she would have to ask for forgiveness all the time. I said she should ask God to forgive her whenever she sinned but first she needed to ask God to forgive her trusting in Jesus had what she had done for her on the Cross, then He would live inside her. I said the Book of Revelation said there are books of all the things you have done and God would hold you accountable for all of them unless your name was in The Book of Life. “How do I get my name in The Book of Life?” She exclaimed. I said she could pray a prayer trusting in Jesus and His Spirit would live inside her. She could ask Him to transform her and she would become a different person little by bit and He would give her strength. I said trusting in Jesus to be forgiven was where she needed to start.  It turned out she had been in an abusive relationship with a boyfriend whom was now in prison because of the charges she had filed against him. She believed God had protected her more than once when she was afraid for her life. She decided to pray to receive Christ and told Maritza and the Black guy trying to make time with her to, “Keep it down, for real. I’m trying to pray to the Lord right now.” They reduced to a whisper and she prayed to receive Jesus. I gave her the book 20 Things God Can’t Do writing her name and the date and “forgiven” in the front and “By the Spirit’s Power” explaining the Christian life was “inside out”, God would transform her if she asked. The black guy moved on as we talked more. I gave her a card for a local Church and encouraged her to contact them and ask for a support group for domestic abuse. I said they were a large local Church and would be able to direct her to resources. She asked if they could tell her where to go to Church in Addison and I said they might know of a Church there yes. I encouraged her to have nothing more to do with the guy she had sent to prison. I pointed out he was a danger to her, had lied to her and cheated on her and might do it again once they would marry. I said that would make it even harder if he would leave her with kids. I pointed out that now that he had a prison record he would have a hard time finding work and when she added it all up looking forward into the future he was not a good choice for a marriage. It turned out her father was abusive to her mother and I explained that she was going to be attracted to a guy like her dad until God transformed her so she could look for someone who was also changed by God. As they got up to go, Antonio their ride showed up. I explained the gospel to him briefly and he had some interest. I gave them all Bible Promise books with their names. I said would be praying for him each night for a year. I then told the girls they could pray the verses to God. Yaritza was enthusiastic hearing that and telling Maritza God was going to, “What did you say tran…” I said “Transform you, change you.” “Transform me.” She explained to Maritza who took another booklet and said then she had before prayed the prayer to receive Jesus.

So thanks for your prayers for the ministry and for evangelism today if you had a chance, God truly blessed. Please pry for these girls I am hopeful for them.

In Him,