Results of the Work – 3/8/2020

Hey Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I hope God blessed your weekend. I had a good day on campus on Friday and Syed, a Muslim prayed to receive Jesus. I got a good seed planted in Miles too whose girlfriend and best friend are Christians. He did not want to give up control of his life. I explained control was nothing but an illusion anyway and that without God partnering with him he could not know and do the good. I explained using some illustrations that eventually life forces you to accept that you can’t do it alone.  I Asked him if he had ever hear the Beatles song “Help”. He said it was his favorite Beatles song so I quoted the lyric, “When I was younger, so much younger than today I never needed anybody’s help in any way But now these days are gone and I’m not so self assured (And now I find) Now I find I’ve changed my mind, I’ve opened up the door.” I said the writer of the song was pointing out that as ya get older you realize you cannot do life without help, man that was my favorite song he moaned. His countenance had fallen as we talked and he said his girl friend’s family had told him he needed God in his life. We left amicably and I talked him through the booklet and prayer. Please pray that the illusion of his independence would “vanish in the haze” and he would turn to Jesus.

Syed was sitting on the small lounge attached to Starbucks. He had on a black shirt on with two parallel white stripes across the chest, sweats and a black Adidas ball cap. He was not a big guy, a bit on the thin side and average height. He had a chin beard and a couple days’ worth of beard on his cheeks, his mustache was not thick. He wore black box rimmed glasses. When he told me his name I assumed he was Muslim, and he said, when I asked, that he went to a mosque. When I asked him what he would say to God to get into heaven he said. I would say that I cared for animals and humans more than myself. He thought he had a 50/50 shot at going to Heaven. I explained the gospel then to him explaining the need for Jesus to be God and a perfect sacrifice. I said that if he believed Jesus was God had died for his sins and rose from the dead he could be forgiven. I contrasted Islam with Christianity at the end pointing out that their god did not live inside people. I asked if he would want to be forgiven for his sins trusting in Jesus or thought something else and he said, “Obviously I would want to be forgiven for my sins.” I said that if he wanted to trust in Jesus to be forgiven there was a prayer he could pray explaining he would be appealing to Jesus as God to forgiven him. I asked if he wanted to pray to be forgiven and he said, “Sure,” and he prayed to receive Jesus. I explained the Christian life was living inside out and I offered him The Case for Christianity Answer Book. He asked if the Library might have the book and I said they would not since it was a religious book. I thought he might want a shorter booklet he could keep on the down low, though he said someone else on campus had given him a Bible. And he did take “The Case for Christianity Answer Booklet which is thin enough to stick in your jeans pocket. I gave him a Bible Study on the Deity of Christ and he took that to read. I explained that trusting in the Righteousness of Jesus to be his righteousness the likelihood he would go to Heaven was 100%. We said goodbye and he was thankful. So I hope I will run into him again and ask how he is doing. He had some interest in our bible study. Please pray he comes.

Thanks for your prayers for the ministry and evangelism on campus. God blessed and I am hopeful Syed will find fellowship or come to ours on campus.

In Him,