Results of the Work — April 17

Hey Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


I had a great day of sharing today, I hope your day was blessed as well. Sara prayed to receive Christ and I had a great conversation with two girls, Maggie and Emily, who I found sitting together in the SSC building on the ground floor where they can’t see to hassle me. 🙂 They professed not to believe in God but it turned out they were more disappointed and angry. I talked to them about the evil in the world and hoping in God to help us through it and that in Heaven He will make it right. I talked to them about the world as a big Rubik’s cube with trillions of squares on a side that God is turning to make things right but often this messes up what we want to remain the same or be better. The both said that what I said helped and was good. They had been in painful places and blamed God but stepped away from that some and were even willing to each take a copy of More Than a Carpenter from me to read and seemed encouraged. I showed them a prayer they could pray to start up again with God in faith. So I will be praying for them. I feel for them, they have been disappointed and hurt, and I can relate to that.


Sara was sitting in front of the Book store on a couch with a friend who was completely absorbed by her cell phone the entire time and said nothing after 2 minutes in, which I think was probably a good thing. Sara was nice friendly Serbian Orthodox girl and tracked pretty well with me through the gospel but didn’t have any idea how God took away her sins. I asked her after explaining the gospel if she would want to be forgiven. When she said she would I asked if she had ever asked God to forgive her sins based on what Jesus had done for her on the cross. She said (what several people have said to me in the past), ‘Well I’ve asked for forgiveness just not the whole Jesus part.” I explained to her that that is what made Christians different from other religions. I walked her through the prayer and she thought she would like to pray it right there and did silently. I explained the Holy Spirit to her in the Christian life and gave her a copy of More than a Carpenter to read and a Bible since she did not have one and a Bible study on the deity of Christ which she really seemed interested in, she was really happy when I left and I will be praying God will keep her in the faith.


I had a good conversation with Keyona a 20 something Black woman to end the day. Her first husband had been Muslim and her now boyfriend was too. It was hard to nail down where she was in her faith but she had not believed/known Jesus was God but accepted my explanation of the Trinity. I gave her a copy of the Student Edition of The Case for Christ to read and she was grateful for it so I hope it will lead her to genuine faith.


Bumped into Raphael whom I had talked to another day and given a copy of The Case for Christ, he said it was good and he had his dad reading it. He is Roman Catholic but seemed to agree with me concerning imputation when we talked. So it was good to see him into it. Trevor who prayed to receive Christ last week was in the same spot where he’d prayed with me last week and I talked with him a bit and he was reading The Case for a Creator and liking it, we had a good talk.


So today was a productive day. Thank you for praying for the ministry and for evangelism today if you had a chance, I’ll head out again tomorrow and would be grateful for your prayers then as well if you find a moment in the course of your day. Blessings on you and those you love, may God keep you in the shelter of His wings.


Blessings in Him,