Results of the Work – 4/8/19

Hey Sisters and Brothers and Christ,

I hope your day was blessed. I had a good day on campus for seed planting anyway. I went through the Gospel with a Muslim from Iraq Sudais, and agnostic whose father was agnostic and mother was Roman Catholic, named Ryan, we talked for a while apologetically and I hope I said something that registered. He was pretty hard however. The most promising, if I had to guess or hope, was Julian in the PE building. I went through a skeleton version of the Gospel giving him the booklet at light speed. He had to study for a test he was taking in half an hour. But he had just started becoming interested in things of faith so I gave him Bible Promises for You. Luke seemed close. He had been raised Jehovah’s Witness but realized the church was corrupt. I explained the Gospel to him. He’d had a Christian girlfriend for a while that made him interested in going to her nondenominational church. I gave him a Bible Study on the Deity of Christ.

So thanks for your prayers for the ministry, I was grateful to be able to go through the gospel with several students and I’ve prayed it will bear some fruit.


In Him,