Results of the Work – 4/2/19

Hey Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

I hope ya had a good day walking with the Lord. I had a god day on campus and Danni prayed with me to receive Jesus today,

Danni was sitting in the PE lounge where I had felt led to do when I got to school, across campus from where I came in, she was upstairs. There is a seating area outside the workout machines and she was waiting for a friend and said she’d do a student survey. She was Latina and had long brown hair and an oval face, pretty. She wore navy blue leggings and a low-cut neck blue shirt with a blue jacket. She went to church regularly and seemed kindhearted. When I asked her what she would say to God if He asked, “Why should I let you into Heaven?” she said, “That’s hard… I don’t know,” Then thinking about it for a moment she said, I make mistakes, God should be able to forgive me no matter what, all this, that He has forgiven me [in this life] He should do that.” She thought she had a 60% chance of going to Heaven, to her I think that meant it was likely. She listen attentively to the Gospel and when I asked her what Jesus had done to take away her sins she said, “He died,” a bit tentatively. “Right He died for you,” I said in agreement. I explained how His blood cleansed her so He could live inside her and his righteousness was to her credit. “So in God’s eyes you get an A,” I said after explaining it was like extra credit in a class. “Nice,” she said enthusiastically. I explained she needed to trust in that by faith and that her good stuff couldn’t fix her bad stuff but God could change the trajectory of bad things she had done or had happened to her into Good things quoting Romans 8:28 to her. I explained she could trust in what Christ had done to be forgiven. “So that’s basically the last question would you want to be forgiven for your sins or do you think something else?” “Forgiven,” she said nodding. “It seems like you hadn’t quite put all this together before though right?” She nodded in agreement. So I explained there was a prayer she could pray to trust in Jesus and walked her through it unsure she would want to pray since her friend (also named Danielle) had come and sat just a bit across from us on the half circle couch. But I asked if she wanted to pray to be forgiven silently and she said, “Yeah,” and she took the booklet and prayed to receive Jesus. I gave her a Bible then as her family had a big Bible but she did not have one of her own and wrote her name and the date and “forgiven” in the front. I gave her 20 Things God Can’t Do explaining how she could just ask God for the power to do anything He was asking her to do or she thought she should do. I wrote “By the Sprit’s Power” in the front. I said since she was now trusting in the righteousness of Christ to be her righteousness the likelihood she would go to Heaven was 100%. “Nice,” she said again. I gave her a Bible study and offered her friend a booklet, after she told me they had the same name, (she didn’t go by Danni much though she explained) to read on her own which she took, she also appeared Latina. I got up to go and Danni said “Thank you.” “Yeah sure, I’ll see you in Heaven. Well you guys have the same name and you’re both pretty girls,” I said offhandedly. “You got the whole girl power thing all going on.” And they both laughed at the compliment and I headed out.

So thanks for your prayers for the ministry and for evangelism today if you had a chance, God truly blessed.

In Him,