Results of the Work – 3/21/19

Hey Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

I hope your day was blessed today with all good things coming down from the Father of Lights.  I had a good day on campus and  Mike and Matt each prayed with me to receive Jesus. I got a good seed planted with a guy named Aaron in the hallway of the BIC who took a copy of the student edition of The Case for Christ and with another guy named Mike who said he would probably pray later. This second Mike is was a Roman Catholic who I see in the PE lounge every so often who never wants to do a survey. But I got through the Gospel with him today and he was close. 121 students have prayed to receive Christ this school year since August after hearing me tell them the Gospel.

Mike [the first one] was sitting in the Hallway up on the third floor of the BIC. His family was from Ecuador though he looked more of the European lineage than that native to that region. He said he’d like to visit family down there. He was wearing a bright blue hoodie and shorts and went to Christ Church. He had a superman style hair cut, light brown hair and a day’s growth of beard. I asked him what he would say to God if he died and were asked why he should be let into Heaven. “D— that’s a deep question.” he said, then thinking some more, “Honestly I lived the best life I could in the way I knew how.” He thought he had a 50/50 change of going to Heaven. When I asked him what Jesus had done to take away his sin so God could live inside him and know him, he knew Jesus had died. So I continued to explain the rest of the good news that His blood had cleansed him and His righteousness was to his credit. In the end he wanted to be forgiven and so I said, “If you’d want to put your trust in what Jesus has done to be forgiven and not just hope you were good enough and not be sure there is a prayer you could pray.” I walked him through it asking if it was the desire of his heart and if he’d want to pray it so only God would hear and be forgiven. “Yeah,” he said. And he took the booklet and prayed to receive Jesus. That was great. I asked if I could give him a book and he said, “Sure,” enthusiastically. So I gave him 20 Things God Can’t Do writing his name and the date and “forgiven” saying he could remember and he was grateful for that. I also wrote “By the Spirit’s Power” in the front explaining how everything God was asking him to do he’d give him the power to do. I explained if he’d trust in the righteousness of Jesus the likelihood he would go to Heaven was 100%. I said maybe I’d see him in Heaven and got up to go and he said “Thank you.” “Have a good one man,” I said in response. “You too,” was his reply and I headed out.

Matt was sitting outside the cafeteria on a row of chairs where I talk to a lot of people who are waiting there for a ride or pausing before heading out the door for some reason. He was at the end of the row and when he agreed to do a survey I sat on his right at his feet. He was kinda a classic good looking guy with a military haircut and a short beard grown to match, kind face. He wore blue nylon sets with stripes down the side and had on a hooded jacket. When I asked him what he would say to God to get into Heaven he said, “Gosh–tough…” and then, “I generally try to help other people.” He went to a catholic church pretty regularly. “I’d like to say 90%,” he said of his likelihood he’d go to Heaven. As I went through the Gospel with him he knew Jesus had died for his sins and as I explained he needed to trust in that and went through the rest of the Gospel the light was dawning on him and he was getting a new perspective. I asked him if he’d want to be forgiven trusting in what Jesus had done to forgive him and live inside him he said. “My first instinct would be seeking God with God living inside me.” He went on to say  more or less that this is what he thought he had learned growing up but he had not applied it and was just trying to be good and this would be a shift in his thinking. I said he could pray to receive Jesus and walked him through the prayer asking if it was the desire of his heart and he said, “I think it does, yeah.” So I said he could pray it silently and he said, “Sure.” He prayed then to receive Jesus. I explained living by the Spirit’s power then “inside out” and that the Mass could be a time he remembered Jesus had died and so he was forgiven and he could just say, “thank you.” “This was a good message,” he said. I gave him 20 Things God Can’t Do and wrote his name and the date and “forgiven” in the front and “By the Spirit’s power” and also explained that everything God was asking him to do He would give him the power to do. I gave him a Bible study to read and got his email. He stood up to go and said, “What are the odds,” I think meaning that I would have caught him at the door and his perspective on Jesus would change. “Thanks Bob,” he said as he walked away and I nodded. “See ya around,” I said and he headed out into the sunlight.

So Thanks for your prayers for the ministry and for evangelism today if you had a chance, God truly blessed.

In Him,