Results of the Work — April 11

Hey Brothers and Sisters in Christ,


How was your day? Mine went pretty well. It seemed productive as one guy, Brad, came to Christ and I had some encouraging conversations with a couple Christian guys to end the day.


Brad goes to a Catholic Church and said, “I actually have been going a lot more lately.” I figured at that point, God had led me to him and he probably would pray with me to receive Jesus as his Savior. I knew his interest in Spiritual things, in as much as they were nominally Christian, was probably from the Holy Spirit calling him. Interest in Spiritual things in general, be they Islamic, Hindu, Buddhist or even Jewish in past conversations has not been from God. When I asked him how God took away his sins he simply replied, “How?” But he believed the Gospel when I told him that his faith saved him and God loved him unconditionally. He prayed to receive Christ and took a copy of More Than a Carpenter to read and a Bible Study from me. I explained the role of the Holy Spirit in the Christian life to encourage him.


So thanks for your prayers for me and for Third Watch if you had a chance today. I’m grateful for your help with our ministry.


Blessings in Him,